Howard Stern off the air

Point well taken…

Oh sure, they’d like us to believe that was really Howard on the radio. But we know better, don’t we? And on the same day the Simpsons writers go on “strike”.

You mark my words, it’s a conspiracy of that darn Bush administration. And anyone who mentions it, or resists in any way, is going to disapp

He is #1 in New York, so clearly the public supports him. He generates lots of revenue for his company, so Infinity clearly supports him. If they pull him off the air, it will be because of government pressure. And that would be censorial by the government.

When he was fined $1.7 million by the FCC, Infinity tried to take the case to court in order to force the FCC to prove that the fined material was actually indecent. The FCC dragged out the process, and at the same time, held Inifinty Broadcasting hostage by refusing to grant new licenses and refusing to allow them to purchase additional radio stations. In effect, the FCC prevented Infinity from conducting business while delaying the court case. Eventually, Infinity could no longer justify the lost revenue and so was forced to cave in and pay the fines.

That is blatant pressure from the government. It could easily happen again, considering that it has happened before.

So has Oprah (and every other daytime talk show), soap operas, and most of reality television. All of which are (like Howard) very highly rated in the Nielson’s. Clearly these entertainers are providing what the public wants. If it offends people, they are free not to listen. What gives the government the right to decide what I am allowed to listen to?

I don’t understand how or why that is sad. Every citizen asks the government to clearly define what the limits of acceptable behavior are so that we may go 1 millimeter away from the cutoff. Think about speed limits. You don’t drive 45 on the highway, do you? That is what the FCC is expecting Howard to do. In effect, an FCC “speed limit” sign would say “Speed Limit between 45 - 60” and then arbitrarily fine red cars if they exceed 45 mph.

…to control the choices of their fellow Americans. Hello Fascism.

Repeat after me:

Radio is not free speech. Radio is not free speech.

Unless you’d like to claim that we ALL have the right to a radio show. In which case, I figure there’s some 280 million or so Americans that are having their rights denied them.

Yes it is. In fact, that is exactly what free speech is all about. Free speech is about being able to voice your opinion in a public forum. Radio is a public forum. Cable is not free speech…the private company providing the service can abridge your speech. HBO is free to censor their own shows as much as they want. But the free airwaves are supposed to be protected from government control. Do you really not understand that?

Yes, I do make that exact claim. We ALL have the right to pursue any career we desire without interference from the government.

Please tell me you are kidding, or explain to me how the government in any way impedes the right of those 280 million people to pursue a career in radio.