How's Philadelphia/Camden at the moment in terms of crime? Planning a trip there soon

Even if it’s Philadelphia associated like an Eagles hat?

Also curious about what that means.

In 2010 I spent several days canvassing in Philadelphia for a political campaign. The Phillies were good at that time and I noticed a TON of Phillies flags, Phillies bumper stickers, Phillies sweatshirts. I was not from Philadelphia, nor from PA for that matter, and after my first assignment I headed off to a sporting goods store and bought myself a Phillies shirt (Doctober No-No to be exact, in commemoration of Roy Halladay’s no-hitter earlier in the playoffs).

One of the smarter things I’ve ever done, politically speaking. Gave me bona fides and made for a very nice segue into the real reason I was there after exchanging a few pleasantries regarding the Phils. The shirt finally fell apart last year, more’s the pity.

Phila sport teams are fine. I would avoid the cowboys, Mets, nj devils… that sort of thing.