Hymenetheria, Neo-Pagan Goddess of Doubt

Goddess of Doubt, She that forbids self-righteousness, that demands that we shall not be sure, handmaiden of Athena…

Alas, she is little remembered. What rites are appropriate to propitiate Hymenetheria, Sacred Goddess of Doubt?

(According to Greek legend, Hymenetheria is prayed to by betrothed women, who, for whatever reason, are anxious that they be presumed virginal. Certain Skeptic philosophers made rather extreme personal sacrifices to Hymenetheria, and later denied it. Heisenberg might also have been involved, nobody’s certain.)

Are there yet children of Hymentheria? Who recall the sacred rites and rituals?

A goddess of doubt should b worshipped by agnostics. So they should use “The Agnostic’s Prayer” from Roger Zelazny’s “Creatures of Light and Darkness”> can’t find my copy, or else I’d have reprinted it here.