I am a semi-leftie. I can't be alone

I’m glad there are others who are screwed up like I am. Let’s see, I write, eat, paint & shave, with my left. For sports, I bat right, throw right, catch both, shoot (hockey) both*, shoot (gun) left. I also find my left hand is better at dexterity-related skills, and my right at strength, but sometimes it’s reversed for no reason I can find.

  • I played both baseball and hockey. Now, a goalie shoots with the same hand he catches with. Before I was a goalie, I always threw right (therefore catch left), and shot right. So the first few years of being a goalie, I caught right and shot right. Then, I switched and for about the last eight years I’ve been catching and shooting left. My ‘shot’, if you can call it that, has gotten a lot better than when I started with my left. But if I play street hockey or whatever now, I shoot right, as I used to.

That’s exactly the way I am. I sometimes say “I’m left-handed but right-armed.” I’m glad to hear other people are the same way, because when I tell people that the muscles in my right arm are stronger, they often tell me that that’s impossible. I’m pretty ambidextrous. I would be more ambidextrous if I had practiced using my right hand more as a child. My mom is left-handed, and I suspect she pushed left-handedness on me to some extent.

I write with my left hand, everything else I use my right hand.

Both my wife and I are fairly accurate mirror images of your condition Scott – we both write right-handed (but can produce a more-or-less-legible scrawl with our left), but have the left hand dominant for most other skills – I throw a ball much more accurately left-handed, always bowl left-handed, etc. Barb is not quite so left-dominant as I but tends to use her left hand for non-clerical activities.

I also have this same trait, i eat and write with my left hand but I am right handed in every other respect. I think the term for it would be ‘schizodexterous.’ (doesn’t sound flattering, and i made it up, but it describes the trait perfectly)

Dad, is that you? My dad makes the same claim- he only writes with his left hand, and uses his right for most everything else. Which is radically different than me, since their are only a few things I do better with my right hand- use a mouse, open things with a can-opener, play skeetball or bowl, and, as I discovered yesterday, make plastic frogs jump into a container. I do use my right hand for other things, of course, but usually it doesn’t work out as well for me as if I’d used my left.

I’m almost exclusively right handed except for shooting cause my right eye is almost worthless(do they make bows with sights for left handed shooting? because I have to lean over with my left eye and it’s hard to get accuracy). My left hand is also my beer and cigarette hand, holding them in the right just doesn’t feel right.

Same here. I recall playing intramural ice hockey in college, and being the only one on the team who played lefty (even the person who was actually left-handed played righty). I was always afraid my stick would break and I wouldn’t be able to borrow anyone else’s. My last semester there, the team gained another left-handed player, but he just held a righty stick backwards. On the plus side, it always made sense to put me as left defenseman.

I also do cartwheels lefty (left hand plants first), but that’s about it.

I do most activities left-handed - play field sports, iron (when forced, loathe ironing), cook, eat, catch, brush my teeth…in fact, pretty much everything but write. If I attempt to write left-handed, it’s more illegible than my 4 year old niece and just feels plain wrong. My eye-to-hand reflexes are faster with my left-hand. I only really write and smoke with my right hand. My younger sister is a leftie when writing and the mirror-example of me. Except the smoking, I just get lectured about that.

And I just noticed that I always use my right hand when using ‘mouse devices’:wink:

I’ll have to second Brad_d , especially the hockey stick! And pretty much everything else he said, too! :slight_smile:

Mrs. Labtrash is a lefty, though!