I am Samurai

Wow… That was just… Awsome. Inspirational. Good job, Scylla!

Hah! Been there, Scylla.

Thank you for that. I am inspired to be Samurai.

Excellent OP! Although, I must admit, I couldn’t parse this sentence:

Little help, Scylla-san?

Please allow me to send you my copy of

Hagakure: The book of the Samurai.

I have highlighted the best passages and of course,

You know i’m in love with you. :slight_smile:

Another outstanding piece. You, sir are my hero.

I’m guessing “his” instead of him.



I can add nothing.
Others have given great praise.
Hail! Scylla-sama!

I was thinking Scylla might work for the same company I do, until I saw the comp plan was only 65 pages long. And that there’s only ONE comp plan.

I need samurai.

Excellent writing as usual, Scylla. Charyut, kung-ye!

I should revive my idea of a SDMB writing contest, with the Invitational division limited to the top writers. I know Scylla, Shodan, and Master Wang-ka get invitations; who would be the other top writers? (The rest of us compete in the Open division.)