I Before E Except After C

All I know is, McDonald’s now offers breakfast all day, and I could really go for bacon and eggs with a cup of coffee – because, hey, why not seize some protein with my caffeine?

Really? I always fancied you were great at coming up with examples.


Keep this up and the mods bounce us to Thread Games.

I just realized this is beyond the usual username/topic alert.

This is username/topic chutzpah.
ETA: At least is name isn’t Psmith.

Meh, they can do that at their leisure.

So add to the rule, “or when pronounced like ‘a’ as in neighbor and weigh, or if pronounced like ‘a’ when you are in Scotland, like either and neither.”

Admittedly, I suck at placing accents, but pronouncing ei like a in those words sounds vaguely Scottish to me…

Bravo, have a cookie, but don’t take the one intended for my niece as my chief belief is in giving thievish fiends some measure of grief.

I’d say " e before i when the digraph rhymes with ‘day’ " is a genuine rule.

Sensible; that’s why democracies have policies against unconscientious financiers.

Didn’t say it was perfect, just slightly better than the “except when the sound is a” version.

I of course agree that it’s more efficient to so limit it to that subspecies.


Shucks, I figure every society – even ancient ones – guarded against piracies.

“…and on weekends and holidays and all throughout May…”