"I didn't pay for First Class just to sit next to a dead body!"

Yeah, no fighting over the armrest. Unless the person died with his or her arm on it, and then rigor set in.

At check-in: “Would you like a window, aisle or corpse seat?”

“And did you pack that corpse yourself?”

How long after death does a corpse start to release the contents of its bowels? That could have gotten pretty nasty.

Maybe that’s why so many airlines are cutting back on in-flight food service.

The daughter was a genius for bringing her near dead mum along. That way if the plane was delayed on the tarmac for an extended period, she could simply say “Get us off the plane now, me mum’s dying.”

There were people in economy and there were people in first class. The corpse had to be moved from economy to first class. This is proof positive that economy is not fit for even dead people.

“Homeland Security today tackled a corpse at a local airport for refusing to take off its shoes at a security check point. After its arrest, cuffing, and removal, TSA officials announced that it was never any threat to boarding passengers. A trial date has been scheduled for later next month…”

[Costello]"Ch-ch-ch-ch. Ch-ch-ch-ch. Ch-ch-Chet! Chet! Oh Chet!!! "[/Costello]

Club Class
Business Class

And now, Sit-Next-To-A-Corpse Class. It had to happen.

Although I agree that BA should “comp” the passenger’s first class fare because sitting near a corpse certainly isn’t a first-class experience, I think that the airline generally handled this appropriately by moving the body to a place where it was around the least number of people (and first class is obviously the least dense area of the plane) and permitting family members the most possible privacy. I can’t fault BA too much, and I get the idea that this particular passenger is out to receive a final compensation for the ordeal above what he paid for the first-class seat.

[DEL]I’ve had it with these motherfuckin corpses…[/del]

Coming soon to a theater near you: “Corpses on a Plane”!

That would be as opposed to ‘live corpse’? :stuck_out_tongue:

They could get Robert Morley to do the ad campaign.

“We’ll Take Good Care Of You…!”

A coworker of mine ended up in that same situation, also on a flight from India, oddly enough. Except he was stuck in economy and the plane was packed so there was no where to move the body to (also an elderly woman). He said it was fine until the body started leaking. :eek: The airline comped him a ticket anywhere in the world that they flew and he got great story to tell out of it, so all in all, he wasn’t overly put out.

We’re about due for another zombie movie, after all.

Nah, the long-distance international flights still give you food and drink. I’m just woried I’d get drunk and start hitting up on her.

Don’t you hate when people drag on those oversized corpses and then try to shove them in the overhead?

No it doesn’t. It sums (adds) up, sure, but “some” is not a verb.


That costs extra. :wink: