I found a piece of scratch paper today...

…with someone’s handwritting on it. What does it say you ask. Well here goes:
On one side is a grid 11 rows down, two columns across. I think it’s a list, but it’s an odd one
blessings list
cue section (part of the daily newspaper in Milwaukee most likely)
personal profile
telesheet nut butter (?<- hand writing isn’t that great)
kit total
almond butter
set up phone basement
write up
new sheet (crossed off)
(can’t read this one)(crossed off)
housechip butter (lots of butter I’ve noticed, but I think it’s the handwriting)
more progile specific action
take charts home
take tablet home
you have NO right to be with her, she is his
Do you want to be rebound man again? SHAME ON YOU
nice chat with ernie

on the back is a paragraph
King Davind and bathshoba
David was not satisfied with several wives, he took another by adultry and paid a dear price

Be content with what god gives you and not your carnal desires - he knows BEST!!! My needs cannot be filled by an unsteady mate - She needs other things then I do. Abscence would create emptiness and resentment.

Flipping it upside down (as in 180 degrees CW or CCW) is another list
dishes set table
tote sheet
wake up

Any ideas, at first glance I thought it was just a ‘to do’ type list with something they wanted to say to a friend on the other side, now that I read it I’m thinking religion/sunday school teacher with some sort of a lesson plan. Eitherway anyone who has a written list that involves waking up I’m guess has a REALLY structured life. Between that and all the numbers and cirlces and starts I’m guessing this person really wishes they didn’t lose this.

I laughed when I read your post, but I make lists like that too. Except mine are almost always completely non-biblical and much, much lighter on the butter.

I have a sort of similar story: I remember picking up a piece of paper that was wedged between the window frame in my local bus shelter. It was a very, very long letter witnessing and denouncing, among other things, gays and lechery and drunkenness (I think). I shrugged and tossed it away.

I once found a shopping list in a cart at the hardware store - it was written in pencil on a piece of 2x4

Why the hell is “wake up” the second to last thing on the list?
Unless it’s an activity for a program of some sort, that’s pretty fucking bizarre.

I once found a small piece of pale green notepaper on the pavement(that’s the sidewalk); written upon it in a neat hand were the words: Roxell Roxell Bowshot This was several decades ago now and it still troubles me.

If I ever start a band, I’m glad to know I’ve got a name for it now.

Every now and again, I bash the words into Google to see if anything comes up; today, Google taunted me; I mistyped and omitted the final letter o - Google came back saying Did you mean: roxell roxell bowshot. YES! I thought to myself; that must mean it knows about the phrase, but clicking on the suggested amended search just didn’t find anything. :mad:
Would you like a banana? Because we don’t have any.

I was mowing my lawn one day when I was a kid (like 12 years old) and there was this piece of paper in the street gutter. I picked it up and unfolded it. Inside was the sweetest love note I’ve ever seen written, in some guy’s handwriting:

You ought to send it to FOUND Magazine. They’ve got loads of that stuff, some of it pretty darn funny.

Oops, looks like their page is down…:frowning:

You almost made my libation spray from my nose. Props.