I Hate ABC's What Would You Do

My comments from a thread last summer:

Of course when I was a single bachelor I could see myself stepping into many of the situations to put people in their place. But in this day and age and with a wife and kid at home should I really be belittled if I choose to not get involved?
Not with the ones like helping a guy in a wheelchair who tipped over but ones where some jerk is ranting about illegal immigrants at the deli.

It feels pretty heroic to step in and call out someone for being a loud mouth biggot in public but in reality some of these loud mouth biggots are just waiting for a fight and who knows if they’re carrying a knife or a gun?
Yeah, maybe daddy did stand up to a bully, but he got shot in the process leaving behind his wife and kid.
So is “doing nothing” a valid response in the interest of personal safety?

I don’t watch, but happened to catch the one where they had (White? Hispanic? I think they had more than one ethnicity at different times.) teens beating up and painting a car in a parking lot. IIRC, they got more calls about three black kids sleeping in a car a little ways away than about the blatant vandalism going on. “They look like they’re getting ready to commit a crime.”

The kids were there for some reason to do with the show. I don’t remember if they were on later, or were just relatives of someone who was working on the shoot.

That was… very Wednesday.

Unless you took the money, then dialed 911 to report the driver :slight_smile:

Commercials for one episode (all I’ve ever seen is commercials) were what if a white woman was chastising her white friend for adopting a black child? What if a black woman was chastising her black friend for adopting a white child? WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

Uh, mind my own business, perhaps? Maybe think to myself that the criticizing lady in either case was a jackoff, but just ignore it and go about eating my meal? What the fuck else should I do? Pick a fight with a stranger over this?


I hate this show. I’m waiting for something to go very very wrong and someone ends up dead or badly injured. Maybe the show or network will get sued before something tragic happens, I don’t know. But I really think this show is just asking for it.

Wow I’m pleasantly surprised to see so many people have the same reaction. Let’s hope they don’t try to pull this on anyone with a gun…

That show is hilarious! They’re about as subtle as Tyra Banks talking about herself. “Excuse me Sir passerby, what do YOU think of this appalling thing I’m doing? Pretty appalling, right? Oh, you weren’t listening? Allow me to bring you up to speed!”

Really though, that show’s awful.

I’ve never actually watched the show, but I’ve seen a few clips, and it’s okay in moderation. But I don’t think I could stand watching it as an actual show.

I also find the reactions hilariously over-the-top.

Was she hot? People (well, men mostly) will do anything for a hot woman.

I seem to recall someone on the Dope here saying that a friend or family member was on this show, and reacted appropriately to the situation they were confronted with. Anyone remember that? I think it was in MPSIMS.

I saw the ads for that one and thought they’d really run out of ideas because that’s pretty much a mind your own business thing. So the adoptive mom has a jerky friend/relative? Let them deal with them.