I Hate My Neighbors

I don’t want to pry into your business but I always give people in various bad circumstances this piece of advice. If your job, marriage, home or anything else is already in the bottom percentiles, that actually gives you an advantage over people who have something to lose. Almost anything you could do within reason would be an improvement so you would most likely better off just doing anything else rather than staying put. You could just take a chance, spin the wheel of fate and let the statistical law of regression to the mean work in your favor.

I know you don’t want advice on this, but if you’re feeding them, they’re not feral kitties, they’re poorly cared for pets. Either they’re feral, and leave them alone, or they’re pets, and take care of them properly, but trying to have them be both isn’t good for you or them.

In your zeal to leap to (and mock) the most innocuous part of what he said, you evidently missed the part where there were also needles and IV drug paraphernalia, and that the tenants were dealing drugs out of the property, which the friend is the owner of.

I’m hardly a prohibitionist, but there’s a big difference between smoking pot in your own house and carrying out a criminal enterprise in someone else’s.

Meh. Needles and IV drug paraphernalia are evidence that someone is carrying out a criminal enterprise? Friend was on a cowboy forum (or fetish site about concealed carrying; it’s hard to tell the difference) lamenting that the cops didn’t take him seriously. After all, he posted a sign, had some run-in with a vehicle (nope, not watching a 20 minute video to see the details) and found evidence that (gasperoonies!) someone had used drugs in the apartment at some time.

The war on drugs is a failure, and if the police not jumping through hoops and gnashing their teeth at the friend’s so-called “evidence,” good for society. There may or may not be a crack baby manufacturing plant in the apartment, there may or may not be actual evidence or reasonable suspicion of something going on, and the cowboy may or may not be in actual danger of a drug dealing gang of thugs.

But wringing hands at the police’s inaction regarding such pitiful “evidence” is deserving of mockery.

Ending the bullshit war on drugs doesn’t just mean you can smoke a joint in your living room.

Sorry, in my zeal to respond to your post I forgot what a counterculture badass you are. It won’t happen again.

So in your little corner of the world the mere presence of drug paraphernalia is evidence that someone is “carrying out a criminal enterprise”? Sufficient to decry the police for not taking action?

That’s laughable on its face and a shameful by-product of the war on drugs.
I guess that makes me a “counterculture badass.” :rolleyes:

I disagree with this. Just because someone is throwing down food and has provided some shelter does not make these cats their pets. We have feral cats throughout our city and animal control make a distinction between pet owners and those who assist the ferals.

Wallet, have you looked to see if your area has a trap-neuter-release feral cat program? You might be able to get traps, trap the kitties, get them fixed, and release them back where they came from for free or a donation. At least that way some of these cats won’t be producing more cats. In any case, I think you’re doing a good thing watching out for them.