I Have Literally One Day In Seattle. Tell Me What To Do.

The Pacific Science Center is quite cool, and one of my six year old son’s favorite places. I’m not sure how unique to Seattle it is though, I thought most big cities would have something similar. That said, it’s still showing the Terracota Warriors exhibit until September. I strongly recommend that, it’s very interesting and extremely well presented.

Good questions! Uber’s pretty popular here.


If you go to Pike Place Market, the upper level has a spice/herb/tea shop that Is extraordinary-Tenzing momo. Down about a level and a half there is America’s oldest comic shop-Golden Age Collectables. Comics from every time, current and used science fiction, gaming supplies and goodies galore.

The light rail line goes from the airport to about 3 blocks away from the market. It takes about a half hour and is about $5 each way.

As Helena said, it’s on Pike Place Market. The name of the street it’s on is “Pike Place,” like “Main Street.” It doesn’t belong to someone named “Pike.”

The first Starbucks & fish market are across the street from each other - it’s an easy stop, but as you’ll be there on a Sunday in the summer - every tourist on the planet will be there. All of them. Expect long lines.
The aquarium is a few blocks away from both of those. And you’ll be in the public market, which isn’t hidden but is a gem. (again, though tourists. lots and lots of tourists. But they don’t always go downstairs - which is worth it.)
If you are a walker, you can very easily walk along the waterfront from there to the Sculpture Museum and from there to the Needle (and the Chihuly Museum, MoPOP (pop culture museum), & Science Center) right underneath it (they’re less than a mile apart - and if either of you is/was a Grey’s Anatomy fan, you’ll pass “Seattle Grace” on the walk). Most of the other non-art museums are a bit further afield - but I’d recommend Wing Luke museum, MOHAI (Museum of History and Industry), Burke Museum, Nordic Museum, and Museum of Flight (in order of ease of getting there and other stuff to do once you’re in the area). It’s probably not the work of a single day, but they are options. If you have a car, the most iconic view will be from Kerry Park. If you don’t, going out on the water (ferry ride or cruise at the end of the day).

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I’ve just been informed that we do, in fact, have a car. So that will make transportation a little bit easier (other than parking…)

What does the MOHAI have in it? It’s website sucks and I can’t get a handle on what it actually presents

No idea why you write this? Seattle is pretty liberal but a silly ass Trump hat does not make heads explode here.

You might want to see the Museum of Flight, which is pretty cool and has a Concorde you can go in. If that sounds appealing. I would also tell you to eat a bag of Dicks, but that is kind of a local thing. If you hanker for a burger, the original Red Robin is under the freeway by the ship canal, but the parking lot sucks. The Space Needle can be a good dinner, if you do it at sunset: the food is top notch, and expensive, but there is a lot of glass, so it may be unpleasantly noisy.

I’m sure I’m in the minority here, but that fish market was the biggest waste of time ever for me. Like hanging around a bunch of crappy garage sales, except with exorbitant prices and reeking of fish.

Horrible tourist trap. Not like you can go there and buy a fish to take back home on an airplane. Or is that a thing? :confused:

If you don’t like shopping for little trinkets and knick-knacs, all of which are available at pretty much any craft faire or dollar store, you might want to give it a pass.

I would have rather done the underground tour thing. But alas, I didn’t plan that trip.

I agree. I guess it was good to see it once, but it struck me as nothing more than a smelly farmer’s market atop a larger version of Von’s Shops from my days at Purdue. Would recommend blowing your energy in the Space Needle area instead.

Someone suggested the ferry to Bainbridge. That ferry ride is iconic. This is a good option if you don’t have the energy for a big touristy day in the city. You can walk or drive onto the ferry, but it’ll be reeeeeeeeally hard to park on Bainbridge on a weekend unless you get there before 10. If you go, eat lunch at Hitchcock Deli. Ask anyone where it is. Does your wife knit? The legendary Churchmouse Tea and Yarns is there.

Wow, it really does suck. Sorry about that. Here’s a page where the current exhibits aren’t flashing:

Both Mrs. FtG and I have a fondness for the University district. University Way NE south of NE 45th. (And if you pass by it, get a picture of the corner of NE 45th and 45th NE.)

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Actually, you can get smoked salmon there that’s plastic-sealed and suitable for travel; wife and I took some home to Michigan, a 5-hour flight; it was in fine condition after we got it home.