I have mice! And the dogs think they are treats.

Or you could get another cat!

I’ll second that! >^.^< I’d lend you my fierce huntress, but she absolutely despises dogs. That would not be fair to your sweet canines.
Snakes kill the mice fast (though not as fast as dogs) and dispose of the bodies, too!
add: looks like Zap-a-Rodent is a good method in houses with companion animals. But won’t the terrier be sad?

I’m sort of liking a non-cat household, though…

There’s several (four at least) outdoor strays I feed at my house on a daily basis. Plus I am a “certified feral cat caregiver” :rolleyes: through a local TNR group, so I also feed and have trapped/neutered/released dozens of cats, most of which live in an abandoned house and barn down my road. And I am totally not a cat person, even.

It would be difficult to convince stray/outdoor cats to move into a relatively small house with four bumptious dogs. I’d have to start fresh with an unafraid kitten, plus teach the dogs that the new, small, furry squeaky thing is not a mouse to be eaten.

I don’t think mouse catch and release would work well in winter here? I’m in SE Michigan, come January we’ll be locked into at least two months with the temps rarely getting above freezing. I feel badly about the pinkies and all, but to be honest I feel worse about mice destroying my $180 pair of Columbia snow boots, or eating through wiring in the AC unit resulting in expensive repair bills.

Last time there was a mouse in my house, my girl stood at the top of the stairs and barked while I went down and dealt with it…

She a sweetheart, but not real tough.

I have been using Quintox for mouse control at home in the sticks. It induces hypercalcemia and has no capacity for a secondary kill.