I have money to burn and want to make a movie....

Can you do me a favor and make Weekend at Bernie’s 3? The story can still take place during the Rome-Persian wars for all I care.

I’m just surprised that Pia Zadora hasn’t called you since you first posted.

Seconded…but make sure you pretend that Part 2 never happened…errr… wait … why don’t you make a Weekend at Bernie’s 2?

Sorry, I missed this post for a few days.

It’s an important rule for the same reason the rule about not putting your net liquidated worth up on one roll of the dice in Vegas is important. For every Lucas or other relative newcomer who made it big, I’d bet there’s 500 to 1,000 in the same year who basically lost the roll. If it’s other peoples’ money (mostly those who can afford to lose it, or even come out ahead due to tax writeoffs) you shrug and try again. If you flatten your personal worth to shopping-cart level, your career and possibly life are over.

Lucas also did not self-fund Star Wars. His lucky break (besides having a shoddy minor sf flick hit megasuperstar status) was trading salary for what were regarded as trivial merchandising rights.

I always liked the idea of #3 ------- take one of my favorite low budget films (Creeping Terror or Plan 9 From Outer Space for example) and remake it with a “Battlefield Earth”-like budget and “300”-like effects.