I just left my service dog behind as I began to leave a flea market

My my, my my my.

When outside on duty, my service dog is always leashed, and wears an obvious special harness (in fact, sometimes we look even more like a team because it matches one of my outfits).

So why was your dog off-duty at the flea market, on the bus, and on the subway? And when the heck is he ON duty?

ETA: “My my my” belongs to the Homicide Hunter.

Whenever outside off duty is there another leash you use?

No, just that one. You can read good books, but adding under colors sometimes let’s people lie.

Sorry, I’m not following you any more, Leo.

They can be forgotten the same way many children are, including a hot sealed up car.

How can they be that stupid?
How can they not be that stupid?
We are talking about the humans, right?

He should always be leashed outside, on or off duty. You can’t squirrel your way out from under this, Leo. Just say, “oops.” You can say, “oops,” can’t you?

I’m sorry this happened,
I hope you learned from this mistake.
Please,for Dogs sake,keep the pupster on a leash

It happened twice before. I’m not holding out much hope for learning.

Isn’t that also against the rules, having people pet your service dog?

It is basic common sense and courtesy (and usually the law) to keep a dog leashed in public. I don’t care how good its off-leash training is. Unless it’s a police dog in hot pursuit, or a search-and-rescue dog looking for bodies, leash your dog!

It’s up to the owner of a service dog whether to allow petting. If the dog is working, the answer will be no. And it’s common courtesy to ask first (and expect that the answer will be no, and to respect that if it is). Better yet, just leave the dog and owner alone to go about their business.

I love threads like this:

A: “I did stupid thing X”
B: “How did you do X? Don’t you know you should always do Y or Z instead?”

Everyone: :confused:

Wow. Considering how hard it can be to get a service animal, due to the expense and waiting list, to do something like this (more than once!) is really, REALLY shitty.

I think in this case it’s more a “service animal.”

Why am I feeling, at the end of the thread, more confused than I did before reading it?

Because Leo overdid the ansiolitics? I’d still be wondering how the heck does anybody forget a service dog, only it has been explained. I still don’t get it. It’s like saying “oh man, I almost left the house without my hands!”

Yeah, that’s what I’m wondering too. I’m sorta confused here…

Uh oh, this thread is completely bonkers now .:eek:


Actual service animals tend to have owners with far better training.

So, did the OP honestly think he would get positive feedback here? What would that look like?

“Silly Leo, don’t forget next time!” Really? It’s not like this is a new poster, after all!

And this,

This is more cryptic than anything Bob Dylan ever wrote. No attempt to clarify, makes me think this could be a meds issue, to be honest.

What thought? Who are you responding to?

It’s been over 20 years. Time to let it go.

All these times of forgetting the service dog could have been avoided if the OP just followed the law and used a leash.