I LIKE my combover!!

Sure I know people snicker behind my back. They also snicker to my face! And tell me I’d look better bald.

Well, no, I wouldn’t. I did that once and got so much ribbing and head-patting and codescention that I let the combover come back.

And every time I think it might work, I go swimming and some friend will be aghast, and give me a look that screams “You’re bald!”

I have a friend that has a glue-on hairpiece. He goes to a salon every few weeks and has it re-glued and styled.

Some of our other friends hate it and give him crap about it all the time. He likes it. It makes him feel better about his appearance. It doesn’t look bad. What’s the big deal?

Sorry dude, but a shaven head looks better IMO. Cut it all off! That’s what I would do.

That’s 'cause people are afraid to touch the heads of people with combovers. I mean… ewwwww

Dude, you’d look better bald.

There is a way to deal with the head-patters (who are being DAMN RUDE!): Tell them that the next time they do that, they’ll pull back a bloody stump. And look like you mean it. The condescending snickerers get the same treatment.

Please, get rid of the combover. Confidence counts for a lot. There are tons of sexy, confident bald men out there and you could be one.

Bald is the new cool…

Andre Aggasi
Bruce Willis
Vin Diesil

If anyone gets the last one then you’re a geek! :slight_smile:

Um, isn’t it 42?

No. Try again.

Clue: Agency here, Diana speaking. We are very pleased with your work…

Well, at least I’m not a geek! Wew! :smiley: