I need a new Indiana Jones hat...

Vinyl Turnip, all the swell guys wore fedoras before 1960. It just depends on what you are used to. I would be happy to get used to them again.

I like Cripplecreek hats. Even the inexpensive ones wear well. There are a couple of very inexpensive Indiana Jones hats on pages 3 and 4. These may be on sale. (Yes, the guy who founded the company was a fan of the Band.)

Why would you need a new hat? - you were supposed to reach back and grab it before the stone door slams down, weren’t you?

I may look like a dork wearing a fedora, however I have worn one in all types of nasty weather for 15 years, so it’s a hard habit to break. I have gotten many compliments on my old fedora over the years, though I imagine most civilized folks aren’t going to walk up to a stranger and tell them they look like a dork.

When my wife first bought it for me, in my twenties, I felt self conscious and didn’t wear it, thinking I was too young for one. As I grew older, I began to like it more and more, and I guess I grew into it. I like to wear a fedora with my Historic A-2 leather jacket. I’m a tall slim guy and I think the combination works well on me.

And a serious answer for Mangetout’s not-so-serious question: my old wool felt fedora is still going strong. The main problem is that it is sun bleached and rather than turning a finely aged brown, it has turned an unpleasant shade of sickly green.

Johnny, the one I have is likely a low-end Borsalino. One immediate observation is that is unlined. Anyway, a cheap Borsalino is better than the expensive version of many other hats, and it feels great :slight_smile: