I Pit Martin Hyde

Yeah me either. We all know what it means to be pitted. It’s okay if the insults are reserved for the posts.

This thread has gotten too meta for me, but I think that @Martin_Hyde has been very reasonable in all the threads I’ve seen him in recently. He was very helpful in a recent thread about Israel and the Jerusalem, and in another thread that I can’t recall.

I thought he was more of a right winger than he seems to be lately – maybe the recent insanity of the Republican Party was too much for him. Or, maybe he’s crazier on other topics. But, for the past few weeks, I’ve appreciated his contributions.

I think his past history or something has people ready to pull the trigger on him. In the Voting Compromise thread, I basically did that, but now I understand what he was getting at. Anyway, those are my two cents.

I actually find him useful in some threads as well.

But he also has a temper, assumes the worst of other posters, and seems looking for a fight, rather than a discussion.

He has made no secret that he hates most of the people on this board, and he has made no effort in hiding that contempt in his posting either.

He may be smart, but he is also very hateful and odious.

What, like this one?

Note that was immediately after MrDibble called me a Nazi. Insults beget insults, if you don’t like it cry to your momma.

Liar. I did no such thing.

Why would you lie about something so trivially easy to disprove?

I already insulted you right back, toothless yokel. I wasn’t linking that to RitterSport for sympathy, you simpleton.

This is a lesson that you could stand to learn.

For instance, I did not insult you at all in that thread until you went all foaming mouth and laid into me for not understanding why you would respond to another poster’s comments while addressing me.

Then you act all upset that I return insults in kind.

Hateful and hypocritical.

You have to understand that he did not DENY that indigenous North Americans suffered cultural genocide. He merely thinks that we need to finish the job and show them the “right “ way to live their lives.

And if you disagree, you are a Nazi.

What a fuckwit.

What’s funny is that MrDibble can be like that too. He has jumped down my throat a couple of times for sure when I wasn’t saying anything inflammatory. But I also really like his contributions here on the board and he’s a net asset for sure in my eye.

I don’t know Martin_Hyde that well so I can’t comment on him in general, though some quotes made here and elsewhere show that…

…is not wrong. :frowning:

The difference is one poster is carrying water for immorality and one is not. Right and wrong matter.

Of course they do. I was just commenting on general posting style (in response to a post talking about the same thing) as opposed to political leanings or whatever they are advocating (either poster).

Sorry, I meant to make clear I was agreeing with you. The SDMB has high tolerance for acerbic posters who are right or at least well meaning. Not so much when they’re wrong or excusing it.

He made a lengthy post here about his changing views on the Republican party and his break from them as a still-conservative-but-never-Trumper. I thought it was fairly well said.

Was it in a Pit thread? I tend not to moderate my already low tolerance any number of fallacies or pointless debate tactics, in the Pit. Not saying that’s what you did, but I am way more of a hostile debater in the Pit, even in the Pit threads others seem to think are “GD-style”

Also, as any race thread will show you, “inflammatory” is in the eye of the beholder.

Some people seem to think, for instance, that standing up for racists, transphobes or misogynists just to make a rhetorical point, is not inherently bad. In the Pit, I’m free to disabuse them of that stupid notion. Again, not saying that’s what you did, just pointing out where I come from when I post in the Pit.

I see the whiny little genocide denialist has run crying like a little baby to ATMB to repeat his lie that I called him a Nazi.

Calling your low information, low intelligence posting style in which you rage out everytime you are wrong and attempt to scare people by slandering them with the racist title is no more “debate” than a bum fight in the street.

And yet, still no link to me calling you a Nazi…

What a pathetic little whiny lying baby-man you are.

I remember when Martin condemned every single black person in America for the flaws of the great minority (note that I linked to two posts in the same thread) – and did it knowingly and purposefully.

But I think he’s changed a lot since then. Hopefully he doesn’t feel that way any more.

He appears to have had a career where people were required to Respect His Authority and Defer To His Wisdom. Because this was the nature of the hierarchy.

And when he interacts in the real world, the fact that some do not automatically agree with him is jarring. So he therefore simply goes to the default of thinking that these people who do not Respect His Authority must be fools and idiots and merely worthy of derision and insults.

What in this thread, or any of his posting this week, leads you to think he’s really changed?

I swear, iiandyiiii, sometimes you’re so Pollyanna about some clearly racist motherfuckers, it saddens me a little.