I Pit Rick Scott and I Pit Florida

And then we can approach the questions aburning. Are Anne Frank and Al Franken the same because they are both Jewish? And is Rudy Gulliani and Julie Andrews the same because he is a twat and she has one?

I would venture to say that some crimes are not strictly illegal.

One cannot be stripped of one’s civil rights without such procedure.

With respect to political credibility, however, the court of public opinion may freely presume guilt.

Did you read the article? Whether or not there was any malfeasance with regard to Bailey’s “firing”, it does appear pretty clear that the EOG was breaking Sunshine Laws (this is particularly true in the Andrews case referenced in the article).

Sure, but when you presume, you make a* pre* out of you and…oh, wait. NM.

Hey! I know it looks like I simply fucked up there, but its really a point about conservative hypocrisy! And you can’t prove it isn’t! Now, about Scott Tissue and Scott Walker: which is the better bumwad?

Actually, why don’t we just ban BrainlessGlutton and replace him with an RSS feed of whatever DemocraticUnderground’s latest outrage du jour is. It’s not like he actually contributes anything to the board except links to outrage that other, smarter people have.

So far, shit doesn’t stick to Scott Walker so The Tissue is a better choice.

Su me.

I am unclear where this “hypocrisy” bit comes in. The RWs are being consistent in terms of their known value set. It might be hypocritical for you to proceed as Scott has, but your values generally, I guess, exclude unsupportable double standards, whereas these apparently permeate the RW ethos.

Iow, iokiyar.

When you presume, you make a pres out of u and me.

Therefore, Presumption is the path to Presidency. Sounds good to me.

Also, I don’t think Bricker used soi-disant correctly.

Except the “court of public opinion” keeps re-electing the guy.

So the “court of public opinion,” isn’t presuming guilt. That’s just you and your pals from Slate.

As an adjective, it modifies “threads,” not “Scott Walker.” It’s not the so-called Scott Walker, it’s the so-called “Scott Walker threads.”

In what way is that incorrect?

Yes, I read the article.

No, I don’t agree it’s “pretty clear,” that any “Sunshine Laws,” were broken.

It’s true that Steven Andrews CLAIMS that the law was broken.

Why you accept, uncritically, his version of the facts is not clear to me.

Who gives a fuck? This is a “Rick Scott” thread.

I give a fuck, since I was responding to the accusation that I misused the phrase “soi-distant.”

Why don’t you offer an opinion about whether e-mail between Rick Scott and his cabinet about asking Bailey to resign is a meeting within the ambit of Fla. Stat. § 286.011? Don’t you have some brilliant thoughts about that issue?

Shit the google is all fucked up, it insists that there is no such thing as “soi-distant”. There is a thing spelled “soi-disant”, meaning like “so called” and/or “self described”. Boy, are the French gonna be embarrassed when they find out that Bricker speaks French better than they do!

I don’t know about “brilliant thoughts” but concerning the “voluntary” resignation of Bailey the article says

Where it seems to run afoul of the Sunshine laws is covered here:

I don’t know if that would count as an “official meeting”…but it certainly wasn’t open to the public and recorded within any minutes.

I blame auto-correct.

foolsguinea said I used it incorrectly, though, which I interpreted very differently than I spelled it incorrectly. (Twice!)

So, yes, I cop to letting a misspelled word past me.

And if that was the substance of foolsguinea’s admonition, then, yup, he’s correct.