I Pit the K-E Diet for (Stupid) Brides

Well, aside from the bad breath and potential constipation, which are the minor side effects, you can trigger kidney stones (good for a trip to the ER, if not actual procedures which will no doubt play havoc with the pre-wedding schedule). Worst case, after 5 or so days of such low consumption there is the risk of refeeding syndrome, already referenced above. Resume eating “normally” again too quickly and if you’re lucky all you’ll get is nausea and vomiting. It can be fatal. But hey! Looking “fab” is worth risking your life, right?

If these women have so little self-control they have to subject themselves to this rather than just engaging in something like portion control are they going to have the self-control to resume eating in a controlled manner, or are they going to just binge?

I’m thinking the NG tube is disincentive to take nourishment by mouth, kinda like an anchor. NG tubes are also irritating as hell, so while it may be physically possible to eat with one, it’d be very unpleasant. I had one for a few hours and my throat hurt for days afterward.

I just realized what my biggest problem with “bridezillas” is:

I pit any groom who stands by while the bride acts like a selfish ass.

What sane person wouldn’t be concerned that someone they’re going to be spending decades tethered to has no self-control? Does he think that her self-absorbtion and selfishness is going to vanish as soon as “her day” is over?

Rule 34 being what it is, I don’t doubt that a bit.

I don’t think I want to hear it, though.

Say No to a Ho with a Hose up her Nose.

Her nose job is not what most people think of when they hear “nose job”.

“No go, Hose nose?”
Welcome Back Kotter was so prescient! We just had no idea what Juan Epstein was on about.

She has the tightest nostrils in Nogales! And when she blows…

Sure she’s a ho, but she could suck a golf ball through a ten foot naso-gastric tube.

Yeah, if the seamstress can’t deliver a usable garment, she doesn’t get paid.

Fourteen and a half years ago (geeze i feel old) my wedding day was a comedy of errors. And I was still able to get through the whole thing without crying (well…not over crap that went wrong, anyway. I did cry when my bridesmaid sang our song as the beginning of the ceremony) and was able to laugh at everything.
And it was still a very special day.:slight_smile:

I’ve been married for almost 10 years now. Airman wore a suit, I wore a nice dress, and we got married by a judge in a treehouse. Afterward, we had dinner at a casino buffet and a weekend in New Orleans. The biggest logistical headache was that he was in Biloxi, Mississippi and I was in San Antonio, Texas, so most of the planning had to be done by phone and fax. But it was still a perfect day.

The honeymoon, on the other hand

It’s strange, because I find several links which end in that same webpage, but it’s always “information not found” (only prettier and in Italian). They give locations but no addresses.

And yes, last time I looked, the Canary Islands were Spain. What, are you some sort of birther variant who believes Obama was born in Hawaii and that this makes him a foreigner because Hawaii is not part of the US?
Boyo Jim, the Ministry of Health is supposed to supervise any medical procedure being performed. Not individually, but any procedure and its usage is supposed to be reviewed and authorized. Someone comes up with a new procedure for apendecectomies? They have to send the protocol to the Ministry to be reviewed and authorized. If it’s a medical procedure, it’s under the Ministry’s purview.

What is it about other women who want to look great in their dress on their wedding day that upsets you so much? It’s their wedding, their dress and their body.

Do you have statistics on how many of these women who did the procedure and ended up with kidney stones or dead? Or is that your imagination run wild?

This has nothing to do with women wanting to “look great,” unless you’re working under the assumption that it is necessary to go on an all-liquid diet for two weeks in order to look great. I have been to many weddings, all of the brides looked great, and none of them indulged in this kind of nonsense beforehand in order to do so. Some of them were even – this may be shocking – overweight.

It’s twenty different kinds of fucked up (yes, I counted) that there are people out there who think that they have to eat nothing for several days in order to look good. I am not suggesting that we outlaw this or that they don’t have the right to do it. Of course they have the right to do it. But I have the right to think that doing something like this is ridiculous, stupid, and potentially damaging, and that in fact is what I do think.

I’m all for women looking great - what I am opposed to is women feeling they have to conform so strongly to an artificial standard they risk their health and even their lives to achieve it. I don’t feel that if a woman isn’t a size 8 (or whatever arbitrary number you choose) she’s hideous and should go to a doctor as if not being thin enough was an actual disease requiring medical intervention. We’re not talking about morbidly obese women, we’re talking about women losing 10-20 pounds.

It’s rather like insisting that if a woman’s breasts are not 40DD she’s hideous and should get implants. What? Opposed to that? What, don’t you want women to look their best instead of a pathetic 38C?

Look up nasogastric feeding tubes, extreme low calorie diets, or anything similar. It’s a known risk, as is refeeding syndrome. It’s not my “imagination run wild” it is a documented possible side effect, and has been for decades.

In other words, like plastic surgery, extreme dieting of this sort really does have some serious risks associated with it. I’m all for feeding tubes for people with genuine need of assistance in getting nutrition, but this is like recreational surgery.

These nutjobs should just buy a dress that actually fits them in the first place.

Maybe they did, and they gained weight.

Fat people can fit in the same size a lot longer than a slim person and an extra 10 pounds looks a lot worse on a slim woman than a fat woman. If you weigh 225 and go up to 235, no one will really notice and your dress will still fit. If you weigh 112 and go up to 122, everyone will notice and your dress isn’t going to fit.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. I don’t think I have gone to any weddings and thought, “Gee, the bride looks nice, but she sure should have dropped that last 10 pounds.” All the weddings I’ve gone to, everyone looked great because they were so happy.

My question was “Do you have statistics on how many of these women who did the procedure and ended up with kidney stones or dead? Or is that your imagination run wild?”

I had googled terms such as nasogastric feeding tube diet deaths or kidney stones and wasn’t able to find any.

Do you have links to statistics on how many women on this specific diet died or developed kidney stones?

This is certainly true. Does it make me shallow that I’ve been doing Weight Watchers to look better on my wedding day? Or do I get points because I have to do it the “hard” way?

(It’s also economic - when I bought my dress, and mind you you don’t often HAVE the option of getting “another size”, I couldn’t zip it up and the back was going to have to be remade into a corset back, which would be more expensive. Now it zips, so the alterations will be cheaper. But who am I kidding - seriously, I’m losing weight for absolute vanity. When other people at spin class are thinking about, I don’t know, whatever they’re thinking about, I’m thinking about wedding pictures.)