I Pit the Russian Government and their Paid Trolls

I never would have predicted this state of affairs. I was even hopeful that the US could turn itself around after watching the election results in Nov 2020.

No more.

Watching the latest crap being pulled by Republican state legislators has now convinced me that they will not stand for honest open and legal elections. They are quite openly on record now as being against democratic elections, and in favor of installing a dictator against the will of the people.

If the Democrats are for something… they must, MUST be against it. If Democrats want to have free and fair elections where every legal vote counts… then they MUST oppose that to their last breath.

I have little hope left for you.

If a genie offered me a wish today, I’d wish that this entire post should be required reading in every American high school. It could form the curriculum for at least a week, with students assigned, for example, to choose a paragraph and write an essay-with-supportive-citations about that paragraph’s content. Other assignments could include debates or readings connected with the topic.

Sadly I see no genie in the immediate vicinity. But I still wish this post could be more widely-read.