I pit the Tennessee State Legislature

To be fair, Tennessee was on the wrong side when the Supreme Court decided that. Maybe they think that decisions reached during the Great Unpleasantness don’t apply to them ?

Ah, a return to the good old times of serfdom and peonage

Is that what’s going on in Texas? They’re all serfs now? How did this shocking development evade the detection of the rest of us?

Not yet, but getting there, slowly but surely.

Let’s add to the OP an antievolution bill in Tennessee (their second one this year apparently).

I voted against that guy.

But he won anyway.

Everybody down here is fear-obsessed when it comes to Islam.


And there should be plenty to go around; Texas is already full of itself.

Nitpicky question for information only: At the last I knew, SCOTUS still had a rather small range of cases which they were mandated to take on appeal (as opposed to petition for certiorari). The requirements for such a case were stringent, so there were not many, but they did still exist. Is that no longer the case?

I think so. Something tells me it’s related to the occasional controversy between states or involving an ambassador or other public minister or consul. Cite.

Aren’t parts of Sharia law incompatible with our laws in the US? Like killing you’re wife if she had an affair.
Or cutting off a hand for theft?
I really don’t know. Is Sharia part of the Koran or just something read into the book that really isn’t there?

Yes, it does. There was no injuction issued by the court blocking enforcement of the law, pending appeal. So you are wrong about that.

I’m unfortunately posting from my phone, so I don’t have a link handy. but I just saw something today about a proposal by two Tennessee legislators to prohibit discussion of sexual orientations other than heterosexuality in elementary and middle schools.

Ah, yes, I remember Larry Solum muttering something about three-judge district court panels back in Civ Pro. Interestingly, here’s a “PrawfsBlog” post wondering why such a device wasn’t used in PPACA.

Gotcha. OK, now I understand.

Here is the actual bill.

Meh. I’ve seen worse. I suspect that it’s intended as a “Let’s remember they’re just all theories!” type of effort, but if you read the text in a vacuum, there’s not a huge amount to complain about. I want schools to create an environment that “encourages students to explore scientific questions, learn about scientific evidence, develop critical thinking skills, and respond appropriately and respectfully to differences of opinion about controversial issues.”

But since they should presumably already do that, I doubt there’s a reason for this law to be passed.

Don’t feel bad, the sponsor of the “Health Freedom Act” is my state senator, who I also voted against but won anyway.

There’s a lot of confusion over just what is even MEANT by “Sharia Law”. Typically, what’s being discussed by real Muslims in the United States and other Western nations when they talk about “Sharia” is a system by which contracts and other CIVIL documents can be specified to be arbitrated by a Sharia judge (as opposed to any other arbitration service provider). This affects mostly things like business practices (in particular, many banks already offer loan products that are compliant with Sharia law regarding how interest may be charged), divorce proceedings, and the like.

The stereotypical opposition to these practices says we need anti-Sharia legislation either because A) they believe people are being coerced into accepting Sharia arbitration that’s not in their best interest (which is already illegal under contract law), B) they believe that allowing open practice of Sharia arbitration will somehow make the more unsavory cultural practices of some African/MidEast Muslim cultures more common, or C) they believe that ALL utilizations of Sharia law, even those aspects that are 100% acceptable under our existing criminal and civil law, are attempts to force a Saudi-style theocracy on the US.

I have some sympathy for A), and wouldn’t be opposed to a general law that allowed one to elect with no or reduced penalty, even after the contract was signed, to resolve contract disputes in civil court instead of with any specified arbitrator. B) and C) are pure fantasy, IMHO.

Getting stoned as a penalty for minor crimes seems a somewhat enlightened proposition. Cutting off a hand for theft seems severe, as does cutting out the tongue for lying. Definitely going to need some more clarification when it comes to the penalty for adultery.


it seems like almost every time TN makes the news it’s embarrassing.
Although a recent Faux news contrived controversy featured a church in Murfreesboro letting their Muslim neighbors use their facility while theirs was being built. That’s where we had protests about a new Islamic community center were taking place. According to opinion for hire Mike Huckabee, that’s a horrible thing.