I Pit UltraVires

You think he’s angry BECAUSE he sometimes gets what he wants? That’s… an unusual reason to get angry. You might want to explore other possibilities.

It has literally not been presented even once.

Paragraph (english-for-students.com)

I thought this might help you–this is a primer on the English language for students. It explains what a paragraph is and how a paragraph might be constructed about a given topic. While it may not be true in all languages, in English if you take part of a paragraph in isolation (or even just part of a sentence as you did) it can change or confuse the meaning.

I would suggest studying that page and maybe working on forming and reading paragraphs of your own. This might enable you to understand the flow of the language and ways in which people communicate using the written word. I’m not an English teacher so I wouldn’t be able to help you per se, but this is an informative message board, on your journey learning the language I bet there are many people here who could help you. :slight_smile:

I would like to see a link or quote of Martin’s alleged genocide denial.

You might want to study paragraphs yourself, as you have discussed two loosely related thoughts in the one i quoted. I was only interested in engaging with you on the one i quoted. I have not followed the rest of the discussion enough to give an informed opinion on the other.

Personally, i think both you and Mr Dibble have added useful content to various discussions. But i wonder if you might be an even better poster if you listened to the content of Mr Dibble’s concerns, rather than brush them aside as, “oh, he’s angry”.

Yes, agreed.

Naw, I’m pretty happy to stay out of that. :wink:

never mind

As was pointed out, not denial, per se, more like “we did it, and it was bad, but now the only solution is to finish the job.”

This all started in a thread about dead children turning up in unmarked graves at a Canadian residential school, which were designed by the powers that be at the time to “get the Indian out of the child”. To destroy the Indigenous culture. The religious folks running these schools used beatings, anal rape, starvation and killing to accomplish this, then tossed the dead kids into graves and “forgot” the records.

In this and subsequent threads, we had the following bullshit excuses expressed.

  • Oh, it all happened centuries ago (it did not - these schools persisted up until the 70’s)
  • Well, the folks back then meant well, so it’s all good (no, they did not mean well - they meant to destroy the Indigenous culture
  • At least the kids learned to read (ya, that made up for the anal raping, murder of your brother and subsequent plunge into adult alcoholism and mental anguish)
    And the capper:
  • Well, we should incentivize the remaining savages to get off the reserve and join us in our superior culture. They just need to be integrated. Then, we can eliminate the reserve system, since they really have too much land anyway. (Yep, just finish the job of cultural destruction an assimilate them into our culture. Destroy what remaining culture they have left. Great plan.)

When anyone disagreed, or pointed out facts, or took exception to the proposal to completely extinguish their culture, they were met with foaming insults and accusations that anyone who disagreed was “just like Hitler or Trump”

What actually happened in these threads is leftist posters took something terrible, that virtually everyone agreed was terrible (including me, UltraVires, DrDeth etc), and in their foaming at the mouth effort to one up each other in condemning oh how terrible it was would slip in assertions and claims that were either factually / historically inaccurate or extremely imprecise. When anyone pushed back on that, the immediate explosion of tears and gnashing of teeth began. The useful idiots i.e. @Euphonious_Polemic and @MrDibble among others have literally been whinging all over the boards for days now because they didn’t like that someone actually suggested looking at things with a real respect for the history and facts involved, instead of engaging in uncritical screaming into the void about how evil everything is.

You forgot “Argle bargle you’re a Nazi”

Try harder next time.

I’m glad that you have decided that you are going to start lying in the pit now, as what you just said was a complete misrepresentation of everything that happened.

Why you choose to misrepresent other posters and their positions is obvious, given your statements as to how much you hate everyone here, and your naked contempt for everyone even in the “civilized” debate forums, but why you think that anyone will actually believe your lies is less so.

You are a pitiful little hateful man, used to getting your way in a hierarchy where anyone disagreeing with you would be punished. When anyone dares to question you, you have no recourse but to fly into incoherent insults, as you have no ability to actually reason or debate, but only dictate or rage.

You have no value on this board, and I doubt you contribute any value to anything you do or participate in. Those few social relationships that you’ve managed to maintain through fear or leverage aren’t real, they don’t like you, they just know that they will receive more abuse by leaving than by staying. They don’t respect you, they just fear your anger.

Anyway, thank you for outing yourself as a worthless ball of rage that can be ignored and dismissed without any concern of missing anything of value.

You forgot the wit and intellect in this post.

Or rather, are congenitally incapable of either.

I generally disapprove of omnibus Pit threads, but rather than starting a new one, just had to get the one off my chest -

So fine, overall I agree with the sentiment about ignoring a poster, if a poster is just too off putting to respond to, and you don’t want to see their rants filling the screen, put them on ignore. I’ve done it, it’s easy, but of course there are people who want to continue to fight the good fight, or to track serial dishonesty.

But for the sake of all that is holy, how does he get off on saying this after spending over a dozen posts saying that the Pit is too much?!?!? If you don’t like it, freaking mute it, as was said at least 10 times in the damn thread? Can you not take your own damn advice? If it’s good enough for a poster, it’s good enough for a forum.

As for the second line, well, other than being called out on the damn potshots (and dismissing it in the most cavalier manner), he sure seems to feel that no one else is capable of forming their own opinions, they just follow the pack. Which is . . . insulting regardless of how he attempts to dismiss it as categorizing ‘groups’.

I’m not calling you names UV, I’m addressing what you are, a hypocrite.

If you were constantly being pitted, would you mute the pit so that you don’t k ow how you are being slandered?

I think the pit is a cancer on this board, but I read it occasionally because a lot goes on there that affects the rest of the board, and because I get dragged through the mud in it from time to time and like to at least keep,up with what attacks are being leveled at me.

Very few people can ignore a place where they are being talked about negatively, especially when the negative talk crosses over into slander.

I see no such equivalency, UV seems quite clear that a certain group of people are constantly pitting him, with a very specific agenda. This fundamentally the same issue as he is saying in the section I quoted, and thus he should apply his own preferred techniques if he wants to be consistent. This would even let him continue to utilize non-poster based pit threads if he doesn’t want the rest of his access to other materials in the pit to be limited.

I am not saying he doesn’t have points, but his inconsistency in applying his own arguments, as well as barely disguised insults to entire groups utterly undercuts any claims he has repeatedly made to the moral high ground.

So you see absolutely no worth in being able to vent with ad hominem attacks and language you can’t use elsewhere?
Oh admit it - there’s a visceral thrill in mixing it up with others. Right?

Totally obscure little observation:

From guide:

Bolding not mine, nor grammatical issues, nor however the flying fuck a perfect man might somehow result from this.
And that’s the opening sentence of the opening paragraph.

And this first example paragraph…

…seems written by Elliot Rodger, or something.

Look, I get the the gipper ESL effort, but after trying to wade through the whole link, there’s still a certain law that should be applied there, possibly.

I’ve never needed it anywhere else. Somehow I got through a career without my companies providing special places where we could attack fellow employees. I managed social media since the old Usenet days, without feeling the need to go somewhere to personally attack the people disagreeing with me, even if they were being dicks.

And I’ve never felt the need to do it here either, even though I am one of the more popular subjects of attack and definitely in a minority of opinion. I will sometimes give back what I get in response, but I consider that a character flaw I’m working on.

If you can’t get through the day interacting with people without feeling the burning need to attack them personally, your mileage may vary.

Indeed, I cannot get through even one day without excoriating someone to shit.
Like, into the ground. :grinning: :roll_eyes:

I take it that you have never said an unkind word about a co-worker, boss, customer, or other person?

Usually you do so behind their back, at least the pit allows them to be aware of what is being said.

The Pit is a wonderful convention. Message boards without one let their assholes run free from criticism.

If you don’t like being Pitted, stay the fuck out of the forum. Or stop being an asshole.