I predict that Cablevision will cause at least one murder to be committed

In my area, Cablevision started showing the Caller ID from my telephone on my television screen. When someone calls, their name and number pop up in a text box right on the TV screen. It could be useful, but I wonder how many arguments that this will lead to. You may not want the person who is watching TV to know who’s calling you.

A spouse watching TV will know the identity of the person who just called his or her significant other. A daughter may get a call from a forbidden boyfriend, without realizing that her parents know who called. While this feature can be disabled, not everyone even knows about it. And it can also easily be re-enabled by the person with the remote control.

I predict that someone’s gonna get killed over this.

Doesn’t caller-ID usually stay stored in the phone, anyway? When I get home and I see I’ve had missed calls, I can scroll through the list to see who I missed.

And don’t most people have a phone close enough to their TV that they’re going to be looking at it when it rings, thus seeing who’s calling?

I’m not sure why this is a huge deal, except for the annoyance of having a pop-up on my TV screen.

Yeah, but not everyone has phones that show Caller ID. I’m sure that in 99.9% of households, there won’t be any repercussions. But there’s always that one house…

This has been available on Dish Network for years. When we switched to Comcast we lost this feature and really miss it. It’s nice to be able to decide not to get up off the couch to answer the phone if it’s from some telemarketer.

Surely its not a mandatory feature?

I’m pretty sure you still have to subscribe to CallerID to use it. The parents should know who their daughter is talking to, anyway, and if you have to hide who you’re talking to from your SO, you probably shouldn’t be with them, anyway.

Right, because in general, Caller ID is an extra feature you pay for, and a lot of people choose not to bother with the extra $3 a month. I realize that some phone plans “bundle” it in with everything else at no extra cost, but if you didn’t want the ID option, I can’t imagine a provider forcing it on you anyway.

While I don’t have this particular feature, my phone-over-cable set up does come with caller-id. I didn’t request it, I don’t pay for it, it just started being there when I switched.
So yes, I could see it be something you have to switch off if you don’t want it.

I wonder when the number is inserted. If I decide to record a program, will that phone number show up on the recording?

I think that most phone plans, especially those operated by cable companies, have Caller ID bundled with everything else. But if you don’t have a phone that displays Caller ID, you never use it and may not even know that you have it. Now, it pops up right on your screen. And people that don’t watch TV in the house may not even know that this is happening. As I said, you can disable this. But anyone with the remote can easily re-enable it unless you password-protect the remote.

So has anyone been murdered because of standard caller ID? Just curious…

So what?

I know of at least two marriages that ended (in part) due to numbers showing up on cell phone bills.

I could very well see having someone in your home who would not otherwise look at your caller ID box for any reason, but could be pissed off by a phone number shown on the TV. With Caller ID on the phone, you also have the option of erasing it before it anyone see it if you like, not so if all eyes are on the TV. And maybe not pissed per se, but perhaps the VD clinic calls you back and you don’t want your guests to know that.

Yeah, we’ve got the whole Optimum Triple Play (TV, phone, Internet) thing from Cablevision and I first noticed the popups about 10 days ago. (Could have started up sooner, but I don’t watch a lot of TV.) I’ve come to appreciate them, since I don’t get called on the Optimum line very often and the popups let me verify that the call is for my wife so I don’t have to pick my lazy ass up off the couch.

Yes. Scroll halfway down.

Okay, but if you’re so paranoid that you think that someone calling your home means your SO is cheating, then you’ve got other issues. She probably would’ve ended up killing him at some other point.