I shaved my mustache!

Oh hell yeah! I did that last time I shaved the stache which was about 6 or 7 years ago.

I haven’t seen my upper lip since 1963 . . . the last time I shaved it, JFK was President and very few Americans had heard of the Beatles.

I’ve had full beards, goatees, or just a 'stache. I once Photoshopped my face, to see what I’d look like clean shaven. It made me look fatter, with really thin lips. Not good at all.

Do you mean Dodgeball? Ben Stiller didn’t have a mustache in Starsky and Hutch.

Anyway, shaving off a mustache makes a HUGE difference in how someone will look. Much more so than shaving the beard. It’s because the mustache is right in the center of the face. Someone with a beard and no mustache will not really look drastically different if he shaves the beard off, aside from his chin looking a little less prominent. But someone who has a thick mustache and then shaves it will dramatically alter his appearance.

I tried growing a mustache a few years ago – oddly, at the wife’s request. It earned me the nickname “porn star” at work for the three weeks I wore it. I shaved it off. Prior to that – a little over a decade ago – I went for a goatee look, until I realized that me and goatees just don’t get on well.

Back when my 'stache was still all black (picture: Saddam), another guy and I shaved ours down to little Hitler snot patches for Halloween.

It really is amazing how quickly one gets “sig heiled” when you walk into a bar like that.

But it’s Movember!

Interesting. I grew mine in 1977 and shaved it about 1990. Took a lot of grief from the women at work so I grew it back. My nephews want me to shave it. I’m not married to it but it’s easier to trim then shave every day.

I decided to shave mine too. OWW :mad:. I don’t remember the area above my lip as being so sensitive to daily shaving.

I’ve had my current beard for 14 or 15 years now, and every once in a while I think about shaving it off… especially given the gray in it now.

I’m not sure I’m willing to deal with the wrath of the wife though. She’s never seen me without one, and has threatened bodily harm (and/or withholding of sex - same thing???-) if I were to shave it off…

Once in a while she goes along with me, but she probably knows how unwilling I tend to be to change that feature. I could always grow it back, but until I make that decision, I’d have to shave daily… which would be a big change for me after 14-15 years of not shaving.