I think I might have hit a cat with my car.

I’m voting plastic bag, however I’m not really to be trusted since in my days as a tour guide I experienced the following: As our coach moved slowly through the traffic a couple of the tourists noticed some dogs playing, tugging something between them.

“Ooooh look at those doggies”, says the dear old lady to her friend, “what’s he got there then?” To my horror I realised the two dogs had each end of a cats corpse in their mouths and were tugging it back and forth. I told them it was a plastic bag. It still haunts me.

I’ll take “plastic bag for $100, Alex.”

I had a kamikaze chipmunk run into the side of my tire and get thrown upwards into my wheel well. I was crossing a very narrow bridge originally designed for horse and buggy traffic. There was no other traffic for miles but no room to swerve. There was no doubt in my mind that I’d hit him, or he hit me, depending on your point of view.

You would be more sure, I’d think.

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Aww, I’m sorry you feel so bad. My mother, a huge animal lover, always thinks that dark lumps on the road are animals. Whenever she’s unsure, it’s a tire or plastic bag. When it’s an animal you can tell. I also have something of a phobia that I’ve run over a child. Everyone tells me you can’t run over a kid without noticing, but I’m never quite convinced. I’ve actually circled the block to make sure that there isn’t a kid lying on the ground.

Just a musing, but I always think that it’s interesting that some people feel sick over having possibly hit an animal, and a few rare others don’t feel bad about having purposefully run over a person.

Jesus Fucking Christ!!!

Dead is DEAD whether you hit a cat or a goddamn plastic bag.

YES if you thought it was a cat, it was a cat, but WHY are you bringing this up here???

Hoping for absolution???

Okay! You are absolved.

Ten Hail Whatevers, and 5 Cosmic Biscuits!!!



Yes, how self-centred. She cares whether or not she killed another living being. The nerve! :rolleyes:

‘Moved to the far side of the next lane’ after having been hit twice? Not likely.

You had time to carefully examine it on a busy road? I hope not.

If it was an animal, it was dead, and the force of the air moved it. Some else gets the credit for improving the gene pool, not you.

(And you know when you hit something; you feel even a squirrel. It’s very unpleasant)

Damn, dude, what happened between your previous post and this one to get you so riled up?


If you will take a look, you will see that I advised her not to take it to heart.

In other words, “It happens”, okay?

Time to let it go, and NOT WONDER if she hit a LIVING BREATHING DRY-CLEANING BAG or WHATEVER!!!

Wanna make her feel GUILTY wondering if she hit one or the other?

Then that’s on YOU!

I prefer to let her know that nothing’s wrong.

Shaking my head at your narrow-mindedness.

Yeah. A plastic bag. People have a tendicy to put some gloves or work out clothes in a shopping bag and put them on their car and forget about them. You ran over someones gloves.

Wait a minute, first you say that it was probably a cat but she should get over herself, and then you say I’m narrow-minded for wanting her to feel guilty? I’m a little lost.

Are you in politics?

Show me where I said it was definitely a cat she hit?

And, in the final analysis, she herself doesn’t know if it was a plastic bag or a cat.

And as for anything else, Pyper, I will NOT let anyone take responsiblity for something they could not avoid!


I said you said it was probably, not definitely, a cat. And you said this:

Sorry for hijacking, Zsofia. I originally thought he was attacking you unfairly, which is why I said something, but now I think he’s… confused (and, at this point, I might be as well).

I was driving with my now ex-husband several years ago and saw a kitten on the side of the road, nearly dead, it’s tail twitching.

I said to my husband “Aw, poor kitty!” :frowning:

At which he proceeded to burst out laughing! :eek:

“Why are you laughing at the poor hurt kitty???!!!” :indignant smilie here:

“Because it’s a plastic bag”.

:o :smack:

It was a plastic bag Zsofia. You did not hit a kitty.

He never did let me live that down.

I’ll just let the mods determine what I said or did not say, would that be all right with you, HE?

And before you take the “he’s confused” attack, let’s just let the chips fall where they may, all right?

In conclusion, all I said was;

  1. Take it easy on yourself

and THIS:

  1. Originally Posted by Quasimodem
    Jesus Fucking Christ!!!

Dead is DEAD whether you hit a cat or a goddamn plastic bag.

YES if you thought it was a cat, it was a cat, but WHY are you bringing this up here???

Hoping for absolution???

Okay! You are absolved.

Ten Hail Whatevers, and 5 Cosmic Biscuits!!!

Sometimes whatever it takes is whatever it takes.

How many people told her she needn’t worry, and how many times did she not listen???

It’s really OKAY, whether it was a kitty or a plastic bag!



Quasimodem, I agree with you that even if it really was a cat, Zsofia couldn’t have done anything different and shouldn’t blame herself. But you’re being WAY more vehement about this than the situation requires. She’s just looking for a little support. Let’s tone down the hostility.

That said, Zsofia, I do think you drove over a plastic bag.

Thanks, all. Whatever happened, I really appreciate the “it’s a plastic bag sentiment”. You’ve pretty much got me convinced. I took another way home tonight, though, just in case. (Trust but verify, in the opposite kind of way.) :slight_smile:

Yes, Marley. I will, and I apologize.

No ifs, and or other buts.

Thanks for caring!


Many years ago, a rabbit ran in front of my car at night. From the moment I saw it to the loud “thump” was maybe a second, not enough time to stop. I got out and checked, and it was totally dead. Believe me, I’ll never forget that “thump.” it’s unmistakable.

Yes. A bag of kittens.

Dear Zsofia

You are very precious. I hope you know that. Sorry for my harsh words, but if you came home to me with what you wrote, you and I would go to the “scene” of the supposed "crime’, and, if I could, I would do the same as I have tried to do here:
Take you through it and try to make you feel better and ask you to let it go.

It might not make it “right” if it were a plastic bag, but it would always make it “right” knowing you as a very compassionate person. And those too, are a limited resource.

In short, if I were ever to be in a life or death situation, I would want someone like you to take care of me.

You have what it takes.