I thought I'd heard everything, until I heard THAT!

Hold it. You mean there’s somewhere in the world where doctors still make house calls?

Some dopers don’t feel this way

This is why kids grow up to binge drink.

I’m afraid I don’t follow. Are you with Askia (who it sounds like had a certain family structure that really required a thoroughly different approach from my own), wanting to make a little nip so awful that anything more will make them recoil in disgust? Or just pointing out that it is the case not everybody agrees with me and EmeraldGrue?

I tried to qualify mine with a YMMV type statement. That is, it worked for me in my family because we could talk about it and all agreed the law was bendable in our case, there wasn’t really any abuse history, there were house rules established (no driving at all that night if you drink), etc.

On topic: home health for the elderly is not uncommon at all. My mother the nurse does some work where she checks in on elderly folk in a 50 mile radius or so for routine procedures each week, and has a number of other nurses under her, a doctor above her. There are people who get by reasonably well on their own, but need the occasional visit to make sure they’re not getting worse. It’s not convenient for them to go into a doctor, so they pay for a doctor (or nurse) to come to them.

Yes. I believe they’re only common in rural areas, but I think you can request house calls anywhere with good reason.

Aren’t you glad that National Health Care is available to cover people who do bong hits of brandy and smoke - while being treated for a terminal illness?

I’m getting all warm and tingly just relishing the prospect of 75% of my tax dollars will be spent on such things.

Well, if they keep doing so the NHS won’t be paying for them much longer, will it? Corpses are rather cheaper to administer.

Perhaps you have a fever. You are certainly hallucinating how much a National Health Service costs: even the top rate of UK tax is only 40%, beginning at around £32k ($55k?), with lower incomes taxed at much less.

I’m still convinced that given time, this whole AWOL / nebulizing trend will catch on here.

Now, if I can only get a franchise near a college town.

I just remembered an earlier discussion on kids and alcohol and how shocked I was that someone would be SO afraid of something (my family is filled with alchoholics too, but that doesn’t make me one) that they would punish their kids with it and make it a fearsome thing. I’m with you, I drank tiny amounts when I was a kid which removed the mystique of alcohol when I got older. I’ve never been more opposed to a post than I was to Askia’s in the linked thread.

The thread I linked was a very interesting discussion on the topic of kids and alcohol, but I realize now, a hijack of this one which isn’t about kids and alcohol.

Yep, I certainly didn’t want to take it in that direction (though I certainly agree that was disgusting…on a similar order to “I’ll make my kids smoke till they puke, and they won’t smoke anymore!”)…just wanted to point out a natural consequence of the stigmatization of alcohol as suggested in the OP and that believe it or not there is a middle ground between commited, self-righteous middle ground and a raging, totally non-functional alcoholic and that maybe teaching responsible drinking instead of demonizing it might be a better way to control overall consumption.