I took a Dive - and LOVED it!

No, not that kind of dive. I already do that on a regular basis.

Anyhow. I went bowling with a bunch of people from work - just a bunch of amateurs heaving the ball down the lane and praying. As amateurs go I’m not bad, having had lessons some time before, and I can expect to get from 140-170 with no real form. I was teamed up on a lane with a new girl from the office - very nice, but very shy and quiet. She also was a very poor bowler, and the score for our first two games went (roughly) 130-50, 150-70. I did everything I could to encourage her and make her feel good, but she wasn’t having much fun.

On the last game, I screwed up royally in two frames, and the other girl through extreme luck bowled 2 strikes in a row, and two spares (in the first two games, she had none of the above). So by the 5th frame I was behind her by 23 points. And then she kept on doing pretty well, but I gained steadily but slowly. Co-workers start to pay attention and gather behind us.

So we’re in the tenth frame. My first roll starts out by screwing up again, and getting only 3 pins. So I have a 6-point lead. I’m feeling confident, so I knew I could get at least 5 pins and most likely win. But by this time I noticed that everyone who was in the first two games politely clapping and making noises of sympathy towards the other girl when she would bowl are instead chanting her name, whooping, and cheering her on. And she seems very thrilled for the first time of the night. So I know what to do.

I go up, make a show of trying to aim for the tenth-frame spare, and just barely miss all the pins. Now the crowd is excited. The other girl goes up, and on her first throw gets 6 pins. Now we’re tied, and all she needs is one pin. The crowd is holding their collective breath, and I ham it up a little as to mock-praying that she miss. She rolls her last ball, and hits ONE FREAKING PIN - just what she needed to win! The crowd goes apeshit, and they actually carry her around on their shoulders - she’s so excited she’s almost in tears, and I play the ultimate gracious loser. People come up to me and say “She beat you!” and I reply with pride, "no, she beat me good ". Final score 110-109.

The next day at work, people are stopping by the whole day and congratulating her on her “white knuckle performance”. And all I feel is happy, which is a new feeling for me in a case like this. I’m normally so competitive I wouldn’t have hesitated to throw the last ball properly. But I took the dive, and made everyone happy for doing so. And no one in real life will ever know.

Just a pointless little thread.

I think that was a very nice thing for you to do. You shows what a wonderful, beautiful person you are =)

Well, thank you for the kind words pepper!

Congratulations, Anthracite. That took real character and compassion.

That was a wonderful thing to do, Anthracite.

You couldn’t take a dive with me, though. She’d have beaten me on the first game. My bowling is abysmal.

Damn it! I thought I was going to be able to contribute something here!

Good on you Anth,

It was a wonderful thing to do. If only other people could be a bit more considerate. You’ve made her feel good and at no real cost to yourself.

I’m impressed.

warm fuzzy feelings

Not a pointless little thread. It helped bolster my faith in humanity (and did the same for others, as I see above).

Your act of kindness didn’t cost you anything, but did wonders not only for the direct beneficiary of your act, but for the crowd as well. They were united in rooting for the underdog, and they got the satisfaction of seeing the underdog prevail. And your little secret has boomeranged on you, giving you a great feeling that will stay with you as long as you have the memory of your good deed.

How wonderful to find some Antracite with a nugget of gold at the heart!!

Good show, Anth. Of course, if you were bowling me, I’d have to take the dive. :wink: That’s pretty cool. Don’t know if I could pull it off without giving my true intentions away. hooray for Anthracite!


[qoute]Damn it! I thought I was going to be able to contribute something here!

Me too!

Cool. Very cool, indeed. And the coolest part of all was that she felt like she beat you–not like you let her win or made some horrific mistake. It came off looking like she psyched you out legitimately. Looks like you both won.

That was very cool of you. You’re just racking up the good karma points lately!

Wow - with all this positive reinforcement I might continue to do good deeds!

The aftermath is, the other girl says that she’s now going to take a non-credit Bowling class at the local Junior College in the Fall, because she just had so much fun. I think it’s great, it will help her meet a lot of new people and have a lot more fun in her life, playing in an amateur sport. Wouldn’t it be amazing if this one little thing actually changes her life for the better in some way? I guess maybe it shows that some of the little considerations that we can do can make a big difference to people. I’m guilty often of being inconsiderate when competing, and this incident has made me think very hard.

And the whole thing came off perfectly - there is no way it looked staged in any fashion. It was the perfect opportunity, and I’m glad I didn’t waste it.

Wow, there are people who are kind and perceptive in this world. K, a little sarcastic, but I think it is really great when someone does a nice thing for someone else. thanks for the lift Anthracite.

Your presence is contribution enough for any thread Sea. :wink:

And Anthracite, good for you! :: patting you on the back ::

::applauding Anth’s kindness:: brava! brava!