I want to live in a murder house.

OoOO, now that does sound interesting…I would love some more info and pictures, I have a thing for older institutional buildings, the architecture is fascinating=)

aruvqan at earthlink dot net=) pretty please?=)

I’ll find some photos after I eat dinner. Is there a way to just post them on this thread or is via separate email the best way?


They took the bar! They took the whole fu*kin’ bar!! :eek:


God, I wouldn’t care how old it was, I would have loved just to try a sip of some of that stuff. . . even if it tasted like paint thinner. :smiley:

Whatever happened to the Delta House I used to know?

I’m so jealous, MsRobyn and Jennshark. So jealous that my face is turning green.

My parents live in a house only mildly touched by scandal. It was built in the early 1980s by a local insurance agent. The house had a lot of weird features that my parents took out, including 18 karat gold fixtures in the bathrooms.

A couple of years after he built the house, he went to prison for stealing insurance premiums from a healthy chunk of the people in town. (Maybe the gold faucets were his way of hiding the loot?) I kept hoping we’d find cash stuffed inside the walls, or even gold doubloons (hey, I was 11 when we moved in), but my parents did major renovations and we never found a stash. Mom sold the gold fixtures, though, and made a nice buck.
Back to the subject of my hypothetical axe murder house: there will definitely be a library, by necessity. I have a ton and a half of books. I am also hoping for a conservatory. (Hmm, sounds like what I really want is the Clue house.)

I’d really like to see pics too, Jennshark, if you don’t mind. :slight_smile: The only way I can think to post pics is to post them on a hosting website (i.e. yahoo pictures) and then “share” them (the only way I know how to do this is send an email to yourself, copy the link location and post the link on here)… I’m not very advanced with the picture-posting thing though, so maybe someone else knows a better way.

While I definitely think places like this would be interested to visit, I could never spend a night in a house with a history like that! And a surgical table in the basement?! Yeesh!!

I sent the photos to those who requested 'em – one of the emails that starts with “Baranr” bounced back. Can you give me your address again?

I could sell you my murder house, but I’d have to move. I like it here; it’s a wonderful place. It’s not creepy at all. The fact that a friend chose to murder his wife here is not a problem. I had no idea that its being a murder house would be an asset.

Hrm, try it again. It should be that first quoted part ‘at’ gimail dot af dot mil.

Let me know. . .

Thanks for the photo, though!

Oh, and if for some reason that doesn’t work, there’s a link on my webpage . . .

1426 F Street, Sacramento, CA

Great little Victorian house. If it went up for sale, and I could afford it, I’d buy it. It’s not huge and rambling, but likely has a few skeletons lying around in the garden.

Crikey! I don’t think I could live in a house where my friend was murdered. That would just be too painful for me.

Darn, Jennshark, I thought you would link to the pics from this thread. Could you send them to me, too? Thanks!

Well, his wife wasn’t my friend. Before they got married, I told him she was trouble. After the first divorce, I told him he was a fool to want to remarry her. After they filed for the second divorce, I prayed for him to find a solution to his problems. That night, he killed her.

Did you ever have one of those moments when you sorely hated to be right?

It gets better. The partner of the contractor who did the work on that house was murdered (but not in my old house). The killer died in prison. I can’t find anything on Google about it, though.


The only thing cooler than a murder house would be a celebrity murder house. Did they really tear 10050 Cielo Drive down? That would be a creepy house to live in…