I was denied home owners insurance, because of my dog

My point was to not get the “uninsurable breeds” box checked at all by telling the insurance guy “Oops, silly me, I don’t know anything about dog identification. Here’s a note from a pro, that says it’s a plain old labrador.”. It’s correcting an error, not asking for special treatment.

If, for instance, they can’t insure your house because you told the agent that you had cedar shingles, then you called a roofer and he said that in fact they are 30 year composite shingles, the agent would be happy to give you a quote based on the new, correct information. If the uninsurable condition doesn’t exist, there’s no reason not to try to sell a policy.

If that’s a vicious dog, then I’m part shepherd m’self.

That does not look like a German shepherd. I’d ask your vet for a statement and then get back to the insurance company.

Actually she looks like a Border Collie mix.

We have one that is Border Collie/Aussie Shepherd/Water dog mix (not sure of which water dog but he has webbed feet and a very water resistant coat)

I agree, shop around and just say she is a collie mix. (they think all collies look like Lassie)


On her papers from the pound she is marked as a rotweiler mix. That must be some good crack they are smoking over there at the pound, because she looks nothing like a rotweiler.

You could always pop for a DNA test…that will tell you what she really is.


well…I’m not an expert by any means, but going by that pic I would’ve guessed an australian shepherd mix…maybe a tendency to nip at your heels, but otherwise - cute!

That is a classic Border Collie mix. And I’ve seen more Border Collie mixes than most people in the world. Tell the insurers you have a Border Collie.

I’ve got to side with the insurance company on this one. They are the risk experts and make it their job to make money as well as mitigate their own risks. You have a dog of which they can’t satisfactorily evaluate the risk and as such they are denying you coverage. It comes down to numbers (just ask Nate Silver) and insuring you and thus your dog does not make good arithmetic sense to them. My company just applied for a loan to buy a piece of equipment and the bank requested the SSNs and a signed statement from the 10 largest stakeholders guaranteeing personal repayment if the company dies before repayment. Why did they require this? Because they can. Just like for your love and trust of your dog, they don’t care, but they can deny you coverage.

And to the other people popping in to say that they lied about their dog breeds to get coverage- why do you bother paying for insurance when you know that they will never pay out a claim once they discover your blatant deceit/deception?

Tarring everyone with the same brush using statistics is what insurance companies do.

it wouldn’t be surprising that there are more reported dog bites by Labs than Rottweilers because Labs are a far more popular breed (#1 in AKC registrations compared to #10 for Rotts, 2011 stats).

And in any discussion of dog-related injury, the most impressive stats are not for bites of any kind, but for serious and fatal attacks.

I was surprised to see German shepherds on the list, by the way. I have a generally good impression of them as well as Rottweilers. The dogs I am most wary around are the smallest ones, which often seem more fearful and prone to snap.

She’s an adorable doggie, is what she is!

I would say some kind of collie mix. I had a Sheltie with those exact markings. I can’t tell how tall she is from that photo, but a black & tan long haired dachshund is another possibility. But collie mix is a safe bet, with those ears and that face.

She’s about knee high at the shoulders and around 35 pounds. Her fur is think, with a pronounced undercoat.

And yes, she’s adorable!

Even vets are wary around the small breeds…cause most owners treat them like babies and they develop a case of “small dog syndrome”. We have our Border Collie mix but we also have two Chi-Jack Russell’s which we have raised since they were 2 months old. I refuse to treat them like babies…(I’m a cat person first and foremost). So they have learned to handle themselves around people.

We did go thru a period of Small Dog Syndrome with one of them and he bit my knuckle…I told my husband if we didn’t cure him and fast, he was not staying as I would NOT have that happen to one of our grandchildren. We got with a trainer and have worked with him…he learned who is REALLY in charge in this house and HE isn’t it.

But my vet and my sister who is also a vet, said small dogs have the highest rate of snapping…neither like handling most small dogs. And owners are to blame.

Doing a DNA test and going from those results is not lying to the insurance company. And you can provide the results to them.


I’m guessing Border Collie, Aussie Shepherd mix. Find a different insurance company. Someone suggested Farm Bureau. My insurance is through Allied Insurance, and I don’t remember that they have ever asked about our dogs.

No, not really. He didn’t have the shepherd sloped back, and was lanky (not heavy, like shepherds are). He was actually closer to a dingothan anything else.

My point is that it’s the breed most often assumed if the dog’s genealogy is unknown.

Which dog are we all supposed to be looking at? I thought it was this one:


Same thing happened to us when we were looking for home owner’s insurance for our first house.

I was calling around getting quotes and one of the first ones I tried asked about our dog.

The insurance person inquired as to the breed and I immediately became suspicious and said she was a mixed.

The insurance agent pressed further asking -in a polite manner- what she was a mix of specifically.

Our dog was a full-breed Doberman but I paused a bit and offered, “Well, I think she might have some Doberman in her but I’m not…” which was met with an immediate “Sorry, no-can-do, thank you. Good-bye.”

It was just that one insurance company, the name of which I can’t remember and a few calls later to different agencies got us what we needed.

I’m sorry you’re having to go through this. The above statement, however, made me literally laugh out loud because I have a poodle mix with murder in her heart for certain. Murdering intruders, that is. And she must have known that I was talking about her as she just came upstairs and hopped on the couch next to me.

No children, but I think the insurance companies are more interested in bites to people outside the family. Visitors and such.


Weird… this is the one it’s supposed to be: