Idea for website—please shoot down?

Only if I knew for sure the bait that caught me was available on the page.

Seriously, I’d depend on word of mouth to give you that assurance. You wouldn’t believe me, because you don’t know me, but maybe a friend of yours spots my Twitter feed, and he decides to trust me (because he’s a Twitter follower of mine and likes the idea) and tells you about this fabulous website this Roger That guy is running.

As to the good wishes–I’m retired, and I’ve got a lot of time on my hands, but I have no computer skills and a lot of other hobbies. But there are a lot of geezers with time on their hands and some computer savvy. I’m just troubleshooting for them. I think I’ve cleared up the legal hassles-issues, and there’s only the remaining problem of “running in the red” that I need to clarify: domain site costs, and what else? I can’t think of anything.

Literally the only thing interesting on those sites is the pictures.

So, no.

Sorry to lose you as a client. For your information, however, you don’t actually need to see another photograph of Brad and Angie (nor another photo of a booger): you already know what they look like. In fact, I think I’ll advertise “PHOTO FREE!!” as a feature of my site.

Good luck with that!

The title of this thread should have been "Idea for website–please tell me how great it is!"


No, I’m really looking for harsh criticism. Haven’t got any yet (that I didn’t have to begin with: I have no ability to create a website, and not much interest, plus my time is filled with my present hobbies, such as posting on the SDMB). If I found out for example that operating a website will cost many thousands of dollars, I’d say, “OK, too expensive for a hobby” or that I’d get sued and likely lose for using their proprietary information, I’d go “OK, not worth the risk,” but so far I haven’t read much that’s truly discouraging. Got some for me?

Well, you could do it, and spend hours each day updating it, but how many people would visit it is another question.

You’d have to spend a lot of time and money marketing it and doing SEO if you want traffic, because it would be way down the search results for celebrity gossip – probably page 10. Nobody is going to find it by chance.

OK, let’s assume i want to do this for a start purely as a hobby, which makes sense because there are probably, as with all things, tweaks to be worked out, ideas I’ll get along the way, techniques I’ll get better at, so the first version is just for my own amusement, and then when I’ve got it all worked out, I’ll worry about about the marketing aspect. I didn’t say I wanted to make a wildly lucrative website, just a website, remember?

So far, I’ve got it costing me money for a domain name, and the time it takes me to research this stuff and type out the basic facts. What else is a downside?

Unless you’re a website designer, you’ll need to get someone to design and set up the website for you. That will cost you something.

For a “just a hobby thing” website you can just use a all-in-one-host and you’ll get domain, web hosting and some templates. Roger_that is just planning to paraphrase click-bait gossip, so there’s no need for a paid web-designer. Pick a host that integrates with a blogging tool and every piece of gossip can be its own microblog post.

Which makes me think. Why not just make this a twitter account, Roger_that? Then it costs you nothing, other than your time, and you get simple feedback on the popularity of the account overall and each post.

It will be hard to monetize it, but there wasn’t much chance of that to start with so …

This thread has me just, well, gobsmacked!
Something that’s always confounded me was, who on earth would even be tempted, curious, interested enough to click on any crap like this when knowing full well that one was likely infecting one’s computer, and then spreading the infection to others.
Add to that, who could possibly give a rats ass what some dipshit celebrity ate for dinner or is dating. I’ve always wondered who the hell watches these celebrity shows on TV. Rubbish like Entertainment Tonight.
To me it’s unfathomable. It’s on par with sitting home day in day out and knowingly answering your phone and actually conversing and engaging with telemarketers.
So called celebrities that are continually in the ‘news’ and forever front & center are also well known to invite such attention, despite that they may publicly complain about paparazzi etc. It’s the only way they can get the attention they crave. Most certainly don’t gain attention from any talent because there is none.

That’s the best and most sensible suggestion.

I could do that.

Or somebody else could.