If all but one piece of music from the Romantic period disappeared

what single piece would you want to keep?

For the purposes of this thread, Beethoven is excluded; none of that debate, please. Schubert, Mahler, and everything between are valid options.

Tchaikovsky. Probably the Nutcracker, but the Sixth Symphony, or the 1812 Overture would be acceptable.

But but. . .
what if I came in to say Beethoven. . . I mean, how can you, sputter sputter. . . it’s got Beethoven AND Schiller going on. There’s nothing more Romantic period.
Ok, if you rain on my parade, how about some obnoxious virtuoso like Paganini. Ok, Paganini’s moto perpetuo. Done on kazoo. Biedermeier kazoo.
What’re our criteria? Typicalness? Things we like?

Oh, and absolutely no Tchaikovsky can survive the Romantopocalypse. Sorry.

I’ll cast a vote for Fauré’s Pavane.

Ralph Vaughan William’s “Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis”.

Possibly stretching the definition of “romantic period”:

Rachmaninoff’s Symphony #2 or Piano Concerto #3.

Brahms 1.

And I will slap anyone who says “Brahms 1 is Beethoven’s 10th”.

Brahms Violin Concerto in D Major.

(I don’t know if it’s the most important or influential, but it’s my favorite)