If we have another Great Depression, how might it differ from the last one

Also, people won’t dress *nearly *as well.

Speak for yourself. Brooks Brothers is having a kick-ass sale on suits, pants and shirts.

That’s what I was thinking. The main difference will be far, far fewer hats in the soup line.

You read my mind. Not nearly so many hats in this one.

Yeah, but how are you going to do that? The government would have to buy it (or commandeer it/claim it under eminent domain which is a whole other mess) for fair market values, which could further the recession. For example: Joe Blow Construction company builds a house for $100k (for materials alone, for the sake of argument). Uncle $am buys it for a “public housing venture” for, say $50k. Joe Blow takes a hit.

There’s nothing wrong with all of the surplus housing. What the problem is, is in the percieved value of the housing–artificially inflated over several years, which is from what I understand, one of the main roots of the current problem.

Besides, how are you going to move people into that housing? You can’t force people to move short of civil order/martial law.

But for the OP:

  1. I would be alive.
  2. The current standing army is huge compared to that of the Depression era. That, and with an ongoing war, and all of the other garrisoned ‘hot-spots’ like Korea, it would prove to be a drain on what fledgling funds the government could generate. The nuclear weapons would be secured at all costs, however.
  3. The global economy is much easier to navigate, and I can see the imports growing to an all time high for durable goods like clothes, cars, appliances, etc. IIRC, those goods are usually cheaper to produce overseas/outside the CONUS.
  4. IIRC, the Chinese own like, 75% of the American debt in bonds and such. I can see the flailing economy triggering them to come calling for the outstanding debt, and when they do, everyone else we owe money to comin’ a-callin’ as well. This puts a run on our system, and [Conspiracy Nut]the next Great War erupts: the first truly Economic War[/Conspiracy Nut].

But beyond that, it’s all sunshiny days, unicorns, roses, and rivers of milk and honey.

I don’t think women will draw their stocking seams on their legs.

It will be suffered with far less dignity that the Graet Depression.

Instead of trying to put six additional justices on the Supreme Court, President Obama will compromise and only try for three.

Fewer pickle barrels being worn in lieu of clothes.

Expect to see people wearing Dell boxes instead.

Too bad Gateway went out of business. I’d much rather have a cow box to wear.

What was so Great about the Depression anyway? I think we should call this one the iDepression.

Remember those 1930’s photos? Guys in 3-piece suits elling apples on the sidewalks?
I’m gonna add a twist-I’ll sell truffles and gourmet lattes-and get rich!

Yes! Instead of selling apples on streetcorners, we can sell iPhone apps.

Hobos will pin easy marks on Google Earth…

I had this pet theory of mine that great music is born at times and areas of social turmoil or unrest.

Great minds think alike. Hats and soup lines are the first thing I thought about.