I'm done with the agita

We’ve been watching Match Game reruns. Pity us for what we’ve come to.

If you reread the first post, you’ll see that that sort of activity is not part of it. My objections deal with the constant barrage of noise and the mental angst that it produces for me. Listening to it/reading it is a passive activity that produces nothing but anger, which in turn does nothing. We walked in the 2017 women’s march, we’ve done door-to-door canvassing, and we’ve done other actual activities (school lunches, MOW, clothing donations, etc.) that can actually make a difference. Shouting at the TV produces nothing but heartburn, and that’s what I’m done with.

There does seem to be a vein of some posters who are (or seem to be) saying that they are doing more than just withdrawing from news coverage, but also drawing in and focusing their energy completely on themselves, just living out their lives without any political involvement other than voting. I hope I’m misunderstanding those folks. For one thing, the 10-15 years I probably have left is plenty of time to make my last years miserable, as I lay dying and ignored in a dirty corridor somewhere, so even at my advanced age I am not immune from the effects of political events. More importantly, ignoring the news is not the same as turning your back on the actually-important events that happen not only in the country but in your local community. If watching the news fuels your despair, then don’t watch, but also please don’t despair anyway. Let events unfold and take what appropriate action you can. And remember to breathe.

I’m tuning out most of the news, but I’m not shying away from helping in any way I can.

Today, I’m shopping for a new sofa and the sales person and I had a nice conversation. He brought up politics and was of the opinion that Biden and trump are equally bad. I set him straight. I talked about project 2025 and by the time I was done, he agreed that he’d be voting for Biden.

I wasn’t preachy or anything. I just told him he should look it up himself and then gave a pretty long list of all the things that project 2025 has in store. He hadn’t heard of it before.

I’m going to do that sort of thing anytime I get an opportunity.

Interaction is good. There is a “current events” activity every week here in The Home. I went to the first few after we got here, but as it turned out, it was just an echo chamber for the anti-Trump faction. That’s not discussion, IMO, and no better than listening to the news blaring at me from my TV.

Same here. :heavy_check_mark:

To be clear, my post was not referring to your OP, but to the sense of despair and resignation a few posters before me were expressing. @Roderick_Femm subsequently expressed what I was going for at least as well as I could have, if not better. (As a former professional writer and editor, it’s extremely difficult to admit things like that. :grin:)

@Chefguy good on you. I did this back in 2016, and vowed to only follow politics for the entertainment value of things. I have a lot less stress in my life. I have more friends that I laugh with more and some that I laugh at.

Coincidentally, they’re doing a wellness series here at Walking Dead Manor. One of the Ted Talks addressed our propensity as a species for dwelling on bad news and the negative aspects of life. This causes all manor of mental issues, which can result in actual physical problems. So I think I’m onto something here.

I hear ya. Especially when so many Americans don’t even bother to vote. How much of this is your personal burden, anyway? You vote. Fuck 'em.
We need newspaper headlines, or public service notices of some kind, signs or something that say: “Hey dipshits, this is what you get when you don’t vote. Go fuck yourselves.”

Possible new name for your facility.

Just sayin’…

I have so much to be concerned about in my personal life right now — among other things my wife’s health is not the greatest — I just don’t have the mental capacity to worry about national issues.

“Mental Issues Manor”… has a nice ring to it.

I like it!

Saw a headline on the NYT (my subscription is good until later this month) saying that their editorial board has also found Trump unfit for office. Doesn’t leave much in the way of choices, it would seem, but at least they’re hating on both sides.

I’m trying to not freak out about the Biden stuff right now, by remembering what an absolute toilet the Trump campaign is. Maybe they’ll flush themselves.

It’s been my experience that those who claim they are well-informed about things because they watch the news all the time are really only informed about the narrowness that is American politics. And a lot of that is just constant opinion. Even if they branch out to say, listening to NPR and reading the NYT and other newspapers. Whereas I, who gave up on MSNBC and NPR years ago, find that I’m more likely to have learned more about what is going on in the world with five minutes at the top of the hour on the BBC World Service (and even more if I find myself listening to stuff like Newshour, Business Matters, HardTalk, or one of their radio documentaries or panel discussions.)