I'm going to watch all of the James Bond Films

Cue 2:30

The song was also the best part of that sketch.

The sliding down the bannister then shooting the end bit off to avoid groin injury is in Octopussy I’m afraid, so this terrible film can’t claim that one!

Will have to agree to disagree on this one. It’s my least favourite of Moore’s, even below TMWTGG, and second worst of all in my view, only beating Die Another Day as that is just cheesy beyond compare. The fact that Moore is only onscreen for about 3 minutes and is replaced by various stunt men who look nothing like him is actually hilarious though. Stacey Sutton’s screeching is like nails down a blackboard and discount JW Pepper Police Chief is bloody awful. Only Walken comes out with any credit really. I do love that theme song though, still rocks.

I believe Bond goes along the crane part of the fire engine in order to get to the back bit where he can steer it independently of the main cab, to run the cops off the road, but then the ladder is unsecured and hilarity ensues.

On Octopussy, it could have been so good if they’d cut out the ‘comedy’ and pushed the cold war stuff more. As it is, the former just detracts from the latter and we get something a bit ‘meh’ as a whole.

Things I remember from A View to a Kill:

  • Grandpa Bond and Grandpa Steed wheezing around a horse farm
  • May Day killing a guy at the Eiffel Tower with a fishing pole
  • Christopher Walken laughing evilly in a blimp
  • “What a view!” “…to a KILL!” (ugh)
  • Grandpa Bond and Granddaughter Bond Girl wandering around in a mine

That’s about it.

Even worse than Moonraker?

[does pigeon double take]!

The Incredible Suit blog has a fantastic series of reviews of all 25 of the Bond films, for anyone interested. Made me laugh a lot reading through all this lot.

Yep, Moonraker for all its flaws including said double-taking pigeon, is a good laugh, until he goes to space (spoiler alert!!), at which point I always lose interest. And the freefall parachute opening sequence is utterly brilliant (except the Jaws falls into a circus big top part at the end. I close my eyes, put my fingers in my ears and ignore that bit).

What, not even “More POWAAAR” from Walken, or the (not actually the original) Beach Boys’ classic playing as Bond snowboards?

I couldn’t not think of “More Cowbell!” during that line.

I could never figure out just how he got such air on the makeshift snowboard. Like, he literally launches himself like thirty feet straight up a sharp incline. I hope I’ve got that much leg strength when I’m 58 years old.

Bond also managed to have about 8 different faces in that film, talk about a master of disguise.

The Beach Boys scene rings a bell. I vaguely remember Christopher Walken hamming it up, but nothing specific.

I stand corrected.