I'm moving to Bowling Green, OH...

romansperson is an idiot: Myle’s is the only good pizza in town :wink:

And Howards is a great place to pick up anonymous strangers and make out with them on a pool table for twenty minutes.



Yes, yes it will.

Trivia: the first two commercial wind turbines ever installed in Ohio were placed just west of Bowling Green. Average wind speed: 13 mph.

I’ll let you know how I stand on this issue once I get there. I’ll have to hold a taste test.

See? This is why I am going back to school.

Bah - they put all that salt in their pizzas so you’ll drink more beer and spend more money. And after all that beer an old shoe with cheese on it would taste OK too. Am I right? Of course. :wink:

Seriously though, the only big beef we had with them was that they didn’t deliver and Pisanello’s did. The only other pizza place that would deliver to the campus was Domino’s, and I think we can all agree that their pizza sucks.

I wonder if the dorm food is any better …

I wish! But, no such luck! I’m in school to get my Master’s in Education. In another life, in another time, I’d have my MA in philosophy, in literature, and an MFA in oil painting. BUT good on you!

<homer> mmmm…old shoes with cheese on them…and beer…</homer>

I won’t be living in the dorms, so I can’t help you with the food question. I may ask around when I get there though.

I’m going to have to get an apartment to live in while I there. And I’m going to have to do it without seeing it :stuck_out_tongue: I"m not excited about that part.

Rentnet.com is your friend!

If you will be taking a car, you can live farther out. The apartments are nicer and cheaper. And there are complexes that won’t rent to undergrads, but will rent to graduate students.

I’ve heard they have a campus shuttle service now too (we didn’t have any public transportation at all when I was there) and you could check into that to see what apartment complexes are on that route.

My one piece of advice for anyone in Bowling Green: Don’t rent from Newlove Realty. Squirrely is their middle name.

I like Rent.com. They are the site that all of the others refer to anyway. I’m looking at a place called Ivywood Apartments that looks to be about 2 blocks from the campus. I’ll have to give them a call to check on availability though. I don’t care too much about having a nice apartment though. I’m just looking to get a cheap studio that I can live in that is close to the campus.

You’ll be on the extreme eastern end of campus there. I spent my first year in that area, in Harshman Quadrangle. What a long, miserable walk into main campus that was in the winter. Be very, very glad they have a shuttle now.

I didn’t think that BGSU was that big. What if I just got some snow tires for my bicycle? I can’t find any maps that show how the campus is oriented. Is the main campus on the west side?

The main part of campus is on the west side.

Here’s an interactive map of the campus:


My advice to you: Bike in good weather, use the shuttle in bad weather. If you decide to live at Ivywood, you’ll be a little over a mile from the main part of campus. It seems a lot farther when it’s cold out.

No kidding. “/map.” Nice. While I like the program that I’m going into, I think that the websites leave a lot to be desired in terms of finding things.

It’s a pretty darn good map though. Shatzel hall looks like a good place to spend some time.

Well, I’m in the Mid-West now. I got here is really good time and got into my apartment before the stupid electric company closed and so I can live indoors. I don’t live in the nicest part of town, but it’s not bad either. Kinda on the south side near the Walmart.

I tried Myle’s pizza. It’s not bad and I like the 12-lb. pizza, if not the hefty price tag! A pizza and two pitchers of beer for $40? Wha?

I’ll try the other place sometime soon and give a verdict. So far Myles is losing due to the nasty things that the pizza did to me wallet and digestive tract. Tasted good though…


My wife is from BG and we go back to visit about once a year. I think Myles’ Pizza must have undergone a change in ownership, because the last time we ordered it, everyone agreed it was ass-nasty.

Eat Skyline Chili. It’s nothing like Texas chili, but man, do I miss it.

I grew up about an hour south of BG and have spent many a night on their campus. I’d like to 2nd the vote for skiline chili. It’s the thing I’ve missed the most since I moved away. Hockey is not just a sport, its a way of life. I was sitting in the Ohio State section when they squared off with the falcons last year and was blown away by how seriously they take their team. It does get very cold, but sub-zero (aside from windchill) is pretty rare. And though I loathe to point it out, BG is known for its legendary number of STD cases, as addressed by this site from the university:Urban Myth of BG’s STDs

Good luck and keep warm