I'm so screwed, I need help with my AC situation

Well, its nice to finally post, but I have a serious question that needs to be answered by someone. I really don’t know what to do.

Recently I’ve moved to New York, and as you may know, its gotten damn hot here in the past few weeks. I mean scorching. I live in a cheap apartment, but not a bad location. But here’s the layout of my room. I have a small room and then a window that leads to a ventilation shaft. That is there is an 8*8 square space between the buildings that is closed on all sides going up about 5 stories. its basically like the width of an alley that is closed on all four sides.

Well, yesterday I found an AC on the street. Its obviously not new, but I figured… hey , a free AC, I’ve been wanting one of those…So I plug it in and all and it works! so I figure that I might as well keep it and put it in my room.

Well, it so happens that my super lives right across the shaft and she couldn’t sleep last night because of it. My luck that the super lives there, and then even worse that she sleeps in that room of her house! So she said I couldn’t have it because she couldn’t sleep at night. There is supposedly some kind of rule against it too. But she mentioned that maybe I could get a smaller one that wasn’t as loud.

She also mentioned that the landlord was supposed to cut another window in this room, that would be okay for an AC. That sounded good, but I can’t wait on that to happen. Its really unbearable at the moment. I mean it would be okay if this airshaft actually drew a breeze ,but really its worthless.

She mentioned something that sounded really stupid. I saw she had posted a picture of some kind of fan that uses mist to cool the room off. I don’t know, but maybe its just me but that sounds like it would suck, just making the room more humid. I don’t think I’d like it.

If you guys have any suggestions, please tell me because I really don’t know what else to do. I have a fan but that helps little

The mist idea is that of an evaporative cooler, a.k.a. swamp cooler, and they depend on low relative humidity to be worth a darn. Great if you live in AZ, NM, or NV, but not very helpful in NY.

I’ve seen portable AC units that sit on the floor but exhaust the hot air via a flexible hose which you stick out the window. Perhaps that style won’t annoy the super. Good luck.

Ask if you could at least use it during the day when it’s most needed.

Whats causing the noise? Does the unit vibrate(and thus transmitting sound through the wall)? or is it the compressor just noisy? If it vibrates you could try padding it.

FWIW i just bought a portable (88lbs, on wheels) AC for our small bedroom, with windows that are too thin for a full size window unit. The exhaust hose radiates so much heat that it negates most of the effects. Its 4-5 degrees cooler than the rest of the apartment, which doesnt warrent the $300.

Putting in a new window? Seems unlikely. Cooling the room in the evening until a reasonable bedtime may be the best you can do.

A box fan in the window will cool the room down to near ambient, and will help evaporate any sweat that is on you, making you feel even cooler. For the last two summers here in LA I have not used the A/C at night, just a fan in the window of our bedroom.

Can’t help with the AC trouble, but curious about your user name. Are you really a Putter? I’ve been searching for paternal relatives with that name for over ten years.

lol no sorry…
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Hand her a pair of earplugs and tell her to deal…

A trick I picked up in college was to get a box fan then get a very large container of ice and set it in front of the fan (this was easy with free ice in the building lobby, I don’t know about your situation). The fan will blow the air across the ice and cool it down, giving you a nice chilling effect. Obviously not a long term solution, but something that could work in the evenings when you get home or something.