IMPORTANT: Go to UserCP and verify your email.

As we prepare to migrate to the new Straight Dope Message Board site, it’s really important that your personal information be correct and up to date.

  1. Right now go here:

UserCP / Your Profile

Look at that page. You should see your email address.

**If the address listed is your current email address you need do nothing more, you’re good to go when we get to the new site. **

  1. If the address listed in your profile is not correct or you do not have access to it go here:

UserCP / Edit Your Details / Email & Password / Edit Email & Password

Yes, you need to enter your current password to use this page.


If you do not know your current password go to step 3 below.

If your email address needs correcting fill in the boxes. You’ll be asked for your new email address twice. Make sure they are both exactly the same. Click “Save Changes.”

You should receive a confirmation email at your new address within a few minutes. It may be in your inbox. It may be in your spam folder/trash. Look for it.

When you see it, open the email, click the url inside it, and you should be all set.

This is important: You will not be able to make posts until you receive that confirmation email and click on the url inside it.

  1. If none of this works, or you don’t remember your password, send me an email. TUBADIVA@AOL.COM

Or contact me on Facebook: Jennifer Paradis, Tuba-American

Explain what you need. I’ll look at it and we’ll get you straightened out.

You will see this message again. You will see this message a lot in the next week. Please tell your friends to go check their email addresses.


your humble TubaDiva