In olden days, how common was it for people to enter marriage with literally no clue what sex was?

You know, this whole discussion, and this quote in particular, reminds me of a thread I posted a few months ago. Some of the answers I got then read as implict criticism of my “smug” premise. What I read here suggest that I may not have been completely off the mark.

Sex is like Russian Roulette. It only takes one time, but which time? You could spin the chamber then pull the trigger over and over, but the odds will catch up to you. (And I reiterate my earlier comment about “teenagers think it happens to others but it won’t happen to them.”)

Another co-worker once related a conversation she had with her parents, when she was 40 and married, with 2 children.
“I was always afraid that if I got pregnant as a teenager, you would have thrown me out of the house.”
“Oh no, we would never have done that!”
" Now you tell me."
This was in the context of her asking whether we agreed with her that she told her daughter she was not allowed to go to a baby shower for one of he classmates… in seventh grade. Not something to celebrate.

Times change.

A seventh grader needs stuff to care for a baby.

A seventh-grader is also, by any modern understanding of consent, a victim here. Celebrate, maybe not, but festively support.

As I’ve heard it put , we don’t celebrate a 12 year old ( or often an 18 year old) getting pregnant - but every baby deserves to be celebrated.

One of my Aunts got pregnant at sixteen. I would have been about twelve at the time. My Mom did not let me go to my Aunt’s baby shower because she said having children out of wedlock is immoral.

My Mom had me at age 19, after getting pregnant out of wedlock, and complains constantly that she didn’t get enough support from family.

The hypocrisy of some people is astounding.

Most “real boys” spank the monkey any chance they get.

But after awhile you just end up with an unhappy monkey.

But a good spanking is what sets the monkey straight. :smiley:

hmm, seems to me it has the opposite result, when all is said and done