In states or counties that have cut public expenses to the bone - How's that working out?

That fiscal conservatism is just about cutting pensions, not cutting essential services. I’ve lived in a red state, and it’s the services that get cut first. You are wrong.

  1. Let’s see how the first paycut goes. Maybe it will be enough.

  2. Then they will have to take the best offer. C’est la vie.

  3. No I haven’t been asleep. Unlike public employees.

I don’t know too many people who’d be willing to carry a gun and pull over drunk drivers for minimum wage. I’m pretty sure they’d rather be wrestling groceries into paper or plastic at that rate.

Yup, that house will sell for how much in the new ‘no blood, no badge’ zone? Seriously, you’d be better off turning to burglary/ebay as a profession.

An interesting quote from the article:

*City workers were slammed with the pay cut when they received their paychecks last week. Roger Leonard, a city employee **who typically earns $900 for two weeks work, told NPR that he received a check for just $340 on Friday.
The pay cut drags city employees into the middle of a feud between the mayor and the city council on how best to address the city’s dire finances. **“If they’d gone with my budget, we wouldn’t be having this discussion,” Doherty said to NPR in reference to his proposal to raise taxes, which was rejected by the council.

The reality is that the city is probably out of money by now. Since the $5000 they had in the bank wouldn’t actually cover the next payroll (400 people at $340/2wks = $136,000 )

Also, we’re talking about a pay rate of about $170/wk for a police officer? Who here is going to go break up bar fights at that rate of pay?

Nothing unique about governments cutting employee pay. Private sector employers do it too.

A business can outright cut pay, can reduce employees through attrition and pile the work on those who remain, declare bankruptcy and stop contributing to pensions. And on, and on. Unless you have some sort of contract that you could then try to enforce.

So why would anyone want to work for any government or company? :rolleyes:

I never said minimum wage.

By cutting wages, you can keep staffing levels.

Nice try though.

I didn’t make that claim.

Actually, I regret saying this, as it is not consistently true.

That said, pensions are part of compensation. As a lawyer, how would you like your stock in the company to be suddenly unilaterally devalued by the board because you’re just an associate and the peons don’t need pensions?

You’re right, I misremembered.

Somehow in practice it seems like “fiscal conservatives” have trouble dealing with the large numbers of dollars required to pay government employees.