In The List of Billionaire's Toys. . .

Mach 2? Well if you have tiny penis Mach 2 might do.

SR-71 Blackbird, now that is something for a nice Sunday flight, just seeing the sights. Perhaps a X-15 for working.
Private submarines are where it’s at baby.

Here’s a Forbes article on fast business jets. According to it, the fastest one is the Cessna Citation X, which can go Mach 0.92 and the Falcon 7X can do Mach 0.9.

Among the super-rich, the one-upsmanship is on water. These guys have massive yachts.

Microsoft’s Paul Allen has a 413-foot yacht called the Octopus. Oracle’s Larry Ellison has his America’s Cup yachts and to say “Mine’s bigger!” his Rising Sun is 432 feet long and is fifth-largest in the world, and largest in the US. Paul has to be content with only having the world’s sixth-largest. If you jigger the charts to include only privately-owned vessels, Larry’s is the second-largest in the world, and he’s probably very unhappy at this.

Warren Buffett’s a whole lot more practical - it seems as if a large part of why he has so much money is because he doesn’t blow it on frivolous things. His daily ride is a 2001 Lincoln Town Car, and he doesn’t seem to have much interest in sailing at all.

How about an Airbus A380?

He’s not even in the top ten billionaires.

Admittedly, he’s close.

I don’t mean that no billionaires could afford to buy a large airliner. However, someone that has just $1 billion is going to have a hard time buying, customizing, and flying a 747 or an A380. I suppose they tecnically could but it probably isn’t smart to spend about half your net worth owning and operating a cutomized airliner. You could buy a tricked out business jet for $50 million or so.

Super duper rich people don’t really need to be anywhere in a hurry. At least not bad enough to justify the cost.

Really, who isn’t going to wait for Bill Gates or the Sultan of Brunei?

Heck, John Travolta has a 707. .

When I am a Billionaire, I will buy a Concorde, just because of this thread.

A real man shows up in his Grumman Goose or Albatross and picks up his dusky beauty waiting on the dock and, without killing the engines, turns, lifts off, and departs for a snowy white, uninhabited beach with a week’s supply of gourmet picnic goodies …

I had had a billion dollars, I bet I could hook that up. Because, you know, chicks dig guys with a billion dollars. At least the type of dusky beauties that would whisk away with a dude like me.