Incidents of Religious-Motivated Violence in US (in last ~10 years)

Eric Rudolph has spoken out of both sides of his mouth- YOU have made a choice to believe one of his stories over the others. Suit yourself- but don’t pretend you’re doing so based on a careful analysis of the facts.

You have your own axes to grind with Christianity, and not surprisingly, you interpret Rudolph’s actions accordingly.

In the same way, the two thugs who murdered Matthew Shepard have changed their story at least twice as to why they did so. Once, they said it was becaue he was gay. More recently, they have claimed they were really just after money for crystal meth.

Which story is true? I have no idea; all I know for sure is that they’re murderes who’ve lied at least once about their motives. But WHICH story people choose to believe is generally based NOT on the facts, but on which story suits their political purposes. If Matthew Shepard was killed because he was gay, he becomes a useful political icon. If he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time when some druggies wanted money… he’s of far less use to the gay cause.

All we KNOW is that Eric Rudolph is a remorseless killer. His reasons are, at best, unclear… though I’m inclined to believe what he’s told his mother. I don’t think he takes Christianity any more seriously than Der Trihs does.

The idea that Matthew Shepard’s death was over a drug deal gone bad was NEVER presented at the murderers’ trials. I repeat: NEVER. It was first mentioned in a 20/20 interview three years after the murderers were found guilty. THREE YEARS!

You’re making stuff up. Axes to grind? How about the fact that in the article you presented, Rudolph does not deny being Christian but you said he does?

The only thing that I saw to possibly indicate that Christian ideals may not be his motive was the quote about preferring Nietzsche to the bible. This after conviction. He’s had time to change his story, and as another poster mentioned, distance himself from the Christian identity movement.

There are things we tell our parents to smooth things over (apparently, his mom is pretty spiritual) and make them feel better. This could very well be something of an attempt to aleviate any guilt she was likely feeling.

They’re both Christian, sure. But so were both sides in the 30 Years War. Maybe that’s not the best analogy. The killer, who I agree is a nutcase, seemed to believe that Tiller was doing the Devil’s work in doing the abortions and he seemed to believe that even though Tiller was an Evangelical Lutheran, he was acting against God.

In both of these cases events were triggered by government authorities who were not acting out of religious motivation.

So… telling his Mom that he’s an atheist/nihilist who doesn’t believe in the Bible is supposed to make her feel better???

Sorry, that is a major reach.