Incorrectly affixing license plate stickers

You’d be surprised what an experienced officer can detect. I once had one coming at me from the opposite direction (on the other side of the median) on a 60 mph highway who saw I was out of date. Behind you on a city street I bet they could spot a phony sticker in a heartbeat.

I doubt that with road grime and dust all over the plate that you would be able to tell the difference between a good “scan and print” and the original. You could even laminate the fake just to make it look more shiny.

That may be true. Another aspect, though, is that the people who steal stickers to use or to sell for a few bucks aren’t likely to have the equipment for this. It’s petty crime fueled by those who can’t afford a yearly renewal fee. I doubt it’s a demographic that owns computers and printers and such.

I accidentally placed the year sticker over the renewal month sticker (it was raining, I was in a hurry, and I screwed up). I went back into the DMV and asked if this was a problem, and was assured that it was not.

Turns out, it is.

The coldest day of the year of 2007, the St. Paul police gave me a ticket for it.

In MN, if the tab is not in the correct place, it’s a $100 fine. Having expired tabs is $110.


In the U.K. ANPR cameras automatically check every number plate.

I was pulled over when I was a teen for this very thing. I put the sticker in the proper place, but it was upside down. This is enough to get you pulled over, if the cop feels like it.

Everyone knows that they go in the corner and that’s the way it is…that’s the way it should be … the world is not in order and there will only be chaos unless it is that way. What’s next? people be putting their parking meter receipts on the non-curb side dash. C’mon, please!

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I wonder which is the bigger crime. Forging a sticker or stealing one?