@#$%ing WORTHLESS HR department!

Umm, who says I didn’t? I came here to write a forum post, not a novel.

I actually spoke with 3 supervisors first, and they all told me I should report the jackass to HR, because it was about time someone did.

Sounds like you had a busy first day, did you find time to work ???

C’mon, what did he do…bend you over your desk and dry hump you while chanting " I have seniority!"?

Haha, metaphorically, that’s pretty much exactly what he tried to do!

I hate people.

Wow, talk about padding your post count. That could be your freakin’ SIG, lady.


It bears repeating. :smiley:

Yeah, they’re the worst!

I’ve come to that conclusion after working 15 years in HR.

You all hurt my feeling. :frowning:

Oooooh, I smell a lynching! :smiley:

Just the one?

Well, I suppose that’s one more than most HR people.


See this, folks? Let this be a lesson to you - 15 years working in HR, and all you’re left with is one feeling.

One feeling, and an uneasy one at that.

My husband’s current favourite saying is, “Hell is other people.” It is so appropriate in so many situations.

Get a lawyer to serve them with a lawsuit. Otherwise, do not expect an iota of attention.

I just have to say thank you guys. I have been having a pretty crappy day and this is now the second Pit thread in a row that has had me laughing my ass off. I really needed it and I appreciate it. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s it, you are all getting a note in your permanent file.

And this week’s winner for Best Screen Name - Thread Combo is…!

I think it’s right. I’m becoming a problem at my current job. My predecessor has been a problem. The woman before him was a problem. The close-to-retirement guy before her was a problem. Two workers coming here twice a day from another related service have begun to become a problem during the recent months. The majority of people in direct contact with us are problems.

Even our direct manager is a problem.
Four other coworkers, though, aren’t a problem. They’re apparently very unlucky people who always end up interacting/working with people who have problems . At least that seems to be the opinion of the boss’ boss (I was told by him when I first joined that their behavior towards me during the very first week was a result of their bad experience with the guy before me) .
To give briefly two related examples.

-Two workers from related service, in my colleagues’ opinion, don’t have enough work. So they demanded that one of them would come half an hour earlier to help them. Since said workers refused (in fact refused even to interact with them), they’ve decided that they too would begin to work half an hour later (that is, they sit around for half an hour at the beginning of the day).

-A week ago or so, one of the two guys from related service called in sick while the other was in vacations. I was asked to do what I could of their work that day (that would be because my co-workers have no clue about what is done there, and always refused to touch this job. Despite being the newcomer, I’m the only one knowing it and accepting to do it). My coworkers protested and demanded from our hierarchy that, despite replacing the two other employees, I would also do my regular job with them (I assume they expected that I could call in my clones or something).

Those two examples made them even more bitter, and showed to them again how big of a problem colleagues from related services and myself were. As a result, they complained up there about us refusing to do our share of the work.
Again those are only two recent examples. I’m 45, and I’ve never seen a situation that fucked up in any job at any time. In fact, I never thought it could be possible, and still can’t comprehend how at some level of the hierarchy (specifically, my manager’s manager) there isn’t and never has been anything done to correct the situation. I’ve even seen this manager doing their work because for some reason related with their discontent about yet another “problem” employee from yet another service, they refused to do it.

As far as human ressources are concerned, the whole thing is a problem. They don’t really care about why it is so. They really would want it to go away, and don’t really care how. I can guess how it will be eventually handled. The boss’ boss will have the current problem (me) being replaced by someone new (then people from the next service will be able to bet on the time it will take for him or her to become a problem, as they admitted to have done when I first came in).

Sounds like we need to plan a mandatory team-building seminar!

– HR guy
(just kidding)