Installing a Water Line to a Refrigerator

I’ve done a great deal of plumbing as well. The amount of saddle valves I’ve seen sealed shut from mineral deposits can’t be counted. The amount of saddle valves I’ve seen where the valve stem is bound up, or snaps off when trying to turn it, or drips, can’t be counted.

I’m not a fan of them.

That said…If you install one and leave it alone its generally ok and won’t pose a problem. The biggest problem is them getting stuck with mineral deposits and no water passing through them. (which will take a few years)

If you’re doing this as a DIY and you don’t know how to solder etc, go ahead. A saddle tap will be ok.

If you do know how to solder, than “T”, reducer and ball valve with a copper line (as opposed to plastic) is the superior method.

Only if it was kinked.

If you have a saddle tap its more likely its clogged from mineral deposits.