( Well hi there!!!.)

 My name is Ray and i'm here to say that i am pleased to meet you all here today.

(New kid on the block,just waiving a hand.)


(You migght (wahnt to spelcheckk) your postesss befhore pressing submiitt.)
((Just a suggestion) ((no offense intended))

Why do I have a sudden urge to use EMACS?


Hi Ray. As I said in your other thread which I closed, learn the rules around here before you start posting. You should have put this thread in MPSIMS, as it’s NOT a General Question. I"ll move it for you.

samclem Moderator, General Questions.

(Yah my math leaves a good deal to be desired also as i can’t count to twenty one unless i take my clothes off.)

(Why are we talking like this?)

(Is somebody listening in?)

[Did someone say cookies?]

{Is there an out of scope error?}

{Will this result in a syntax error?

{Oh, hi and well met!};

I am full of delicious cornflakes.

My hovercraft is full of eels.

So if I hit you with a basebal bat like a pinata will you burst open, freeing your delicious cornflake-y insides?

(Be vewy vewy quiet.)

Actually I was wrong. Those weren’t delicious cornflakes. They were just some stupid food. That’s right, I had stupid food for breakfast.

(This sentence is getting a hug!)

(btw, I wanted to tell you… [sub]I think we’re whispering in asides because people can hear us otherwise. We don’t want to be overheard.[/sub])

Hi, Ray.

I googled your username and read the 3-12 posts you’ve made, including your standard intro above and the 3-4 recycled one-liners you’ve already dropped on SDMB, on the other couple dozen plus message boards you’ve joined in the last few years.

It would appear you are already 1/3 to 1/2 way through your entire repertoire of parenthetical curmudgeonly humor, so I guess we’ll only be subjected to another half-dozen posts or so before you get bored and move on to another audience in hopes of appreciation.

That said, I did kind of enjoy the Sugar Hill Gang Rapper’s Delight feel of your intro. I hope you break out of your routine and actually attempt to post something with some original content or personal thought in it, but your record indicates a pretty low chance of that.


(there, that should keep them away)

pantheon: humor? Where?

main () {
printf (“Hello, grumpybumpasAyahoo.com”,

Where wolf? There wolf.---->

I was being generous, considering what I wanted to say, and out of respect for the forum we’re in. :cool:

All of this feels (very e.e. cummings) like.

Welcome to the boards!

Ahhhhhh. Funny!