Iraq or Ipaq

Has anyone else noticed the similarity between the name of the country that is playing cat and mouse with UN weapons inspectors, and the name of an overpriced PDA? If Iraq renamed itself iRaq (pronounced eye-rack), then we’d all like it, and want to snuggle it against our breasts. It’s a thought, anyway.

I’d rather get an Imac.

So why does the title of this thread say IPAQ?


yeah, why?

Must be he used a Greek or Cyrillic “R” – written P !

iPAQ Pocket PC

Well, Steve Jobs has already declined to run for U.S. president. Maybe he’s holding out for the upcoming iRaq job.

I thought this would be about Bush giving Congress an ultimatum:
Iraq or I pack

For some reason, this reminds me of a stamp that was released during World War II. The U.S. printed a series of stamps of the flags of countries that had been taken over by Germany, Italy, and Japan. One of these countries was Korea, although on some of the stamps, the name was accidentially printed as “Korpa.” And Romania spelled their name with a “u” until 1966.