Is Airplane 2:The Sequel generally considered to be really bad?

We’re familiar with it.

It seems that it only suffers in comparison with the first, because it was that good and groundbreaking.

“Ever since Reagan fired the air traffic controllers, he’s gone completely senile!”

“Yes, but what about McCroskey?”

Like most sequels, it wasn’t as good as the first one, but was still an amusing way to spend the viewing time.

Tell your boys on the board for me that the second was almost as funny as the first.

Not sure why, but one of my most quoted lines is from the courtroom scene when Elaine says to the judge, “…do you know what it’s like to just laugh & laugh?” and big, burly, gruff, Ironsides Raymond Burr replies deadpan, “Yes, yes I do”. That and when they ask the psychiatrist (John Vernon) “Doctor, please give us your impression of Ted Stryker” and he says, “I’m sorry I don’t do impressions, my training is in psychiatry”. Both of those would have fit perfectly in the first one!

The sequel is not quite as good as the first. It would be vastly inferior but for the bravura performance of William Shatner.

“I want a complete file on everyone who’s seen The Sound of Music more than four times!”

I agree with this. It’s way better than “Just okay,” but is somewhat less than “Almost as funny as the original.”

I suppose that makes it a really good comedy, but it could never approach the brilliance of the original.