Is Antifa a thing?

How do you know they are antifa?

An organizational chart that lays out the leaders of “antifa”.

or someone who is arrested that says they are the Grand Dragon (or what ‘antifa’ uses) of antifa and can prove they are a leader of ‘antifa’

or someone who is arrested, who says they are ‘antifa’ and other member of ‘antifa’, who prove they are ‘antifa’, protest the arrest of their fellow ‘antifa’ member.

You don’t need an organizational chart to exist. You realize there are many groups of people that don’t put together an organization chart in PowerPoint and they do and did exist. There are many legitimate news organizations that reference antifa.

But you know all this and have already conceded as much but just downplayed and supported the violence in other threads on this very subject. Why the sudden 180?

There are many legitimate news organizations that reference Bigfoot. There are actual laws in some states that outlaw the killing of Bigfoot. Does that mean that Bigfoot is real? Do you believe in Bigfoot?

Any thing else you got?

Maybe, you could read the article I gave you about the Antifa counter-protestors at the Unite the Right Rally. See, I read cites from news organizations and wikipedia, i look at the cites wiki gives, I do this thing called 'reading, research and thinking".

Let me ask you a question- how do you know Delaware exists?

Why would you condemn that which you state does not exist?

That article offered no proof that those protesters were ‘antifa’

I also condemn vampires and werewolves. Just in case somebody proves they exist. Does that help?

Well, you referred to a very specific act of violence that you conditionally condemned and conditionally advocated. I would say that that’s substantially different than a belated condemnation of supernatural entities. No True Scotsman fallacy and goal posts moving aside you are free to believe what you wish as long as the SJW mob doesn’t know your employer or place of education at least.

Sorry, I forgot the “if that was antifa” clause in my post. Other than punching self-proclaimed Nazis in the face, I’m against violence. Of course, you are free to be afraid of ‘antifa’ because you read a wiki page about them. I reserve the right to mock you for it.

Acknowledging the existence of cowardly punks who only bully those they outnumber 5-1 or are over 80 is not something I fear directly. I fear their tactics of violence and terror in order to deprive people of fundamental liberties. Their existence and their tactics are counterproductive and it would be hard to manufacture a more effective foil than these hypocritical left wing wannabe stormtroopers.

And that tactic of goal post shifting and demanding an ‘organizational’ ‘chart’ is utterly ridiculous to any neutral observer.

If you want to declare them to be a “terrorist organisation”, as Trump does, they do as an irreducible minimum have to be an organisation. And the project pretty much falls over at that hurdle.

Based on the definitiion of “domestic terrorism” that you helpfully linked to earlier, you could make a much better case for declaring a few police forces to be terrorist organisations.

Do your own work.

Show us where Scott Wood is the official spokesperson for Antifa.

Otherwise he is just some guy who self-proclaimed himself a spokesperson for an organization that does not exist.

If you had powers of arrest, and could pull some of those people out of the crowd and charge them as being Antifa, what evidence would you be looking for? Apart from the ones carrying the signs “I am Antifa” or “fascism is bad”, what would be the smoking gun that proves a person is Antifa?

I hope that the mere fact of demonstrating against fascism isn’t enough to make someone a terrorist. That would no doubt cause severe hyperventilation among those who revere free speech so deeply that they insist Nazis should be allowed to demonstrate.

As I said before, Antifa is like the Macarena or happiness. It’s conceptually real, but phenomenally unreal.

  1. Thank god here in America, having a political stance is not a arrestable offence.

There is a crime: 18 U.S. Code § 2339B.Providing material support or resources to designated foreign terrorist organizations

While the PATRIOT Act defines “domestic terrorism” for the purposes of authorizing law enforcement investigations, no federal criminal offense exists which is referred to as “domestic terrorism”. While international terrorism (“acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries”) is a defined crime in federal law,[5] acts of domestic terrorism are charged under specific laws, such as killing federal agents or “attempting to use explosives to destroy a building in interstate commerce”.[6]

So, even if antifa was a organization- which it is not- belonging to it would not be a crime anyway. Pretty much that would be Unconstitutional.

However, some people do self-identify as antifa.

Of course it shouldnt be, but trump needs a target he can blame, like the Nazis and the Jews.

I read a good article today in the Washington Examiner who pointed out the phrase “anti-fascist” goes back 100 years and was invented by the Soviets. Why? Well “communist” sounded pretty bad so because they were fighting fascists, they coined the term “anti fascist”.

So they were fighting fascism so that makes them the good guys - right?

No antifa has used the phrase that makes them seem like the good guys because on occasion they might go after some skinheads or white nazis and such.

That makes them the good guys, right?

Well, maybe not.


And 100 years ago the KKK was all Democrats and Lincoln freed the slaves and and and and and!

Is that the best you’ve got? You’re angry at the people that punch Nazis and defend churches from white supremacists?

Ok, here is what this is.

In your town, there is gonna be a KKK rally. You despise those guys.

So you, and a few of your like and right minded buddies go to the KKK rally to counter demonstrate. You maybe carry some heavy signs in case you see those hooded idiots start whuppin on some black dude so you can go help him. Maybe one of those KKK goons gets in someones face , there’s a little fight and the KKK guy gets punched.

Congrat! You are Antifa. You Imaginary Antifa ID card will not be on it’s way to you. You can not attend the next meeting to elect the nonexistent officers. You may or may not say you are antifa, it doesnt matter.

Antifa is what you do, there is no membership, no officers, no organization except a few dudes calling other dudes. No dues, no cards, nada.


Now let us say you go to that rally and break some windows and burn a car. Someone yells at you and you say “I am antifa!”. You are not antifa, even tho you claimed to be.

I suggest you think of it this way:
[ul][li] 96% of the protestors are peaceful, and condemn the looting. Many protest sites have no looting at all.[/li][li] 2% of the protestors are so frustrated and/or excited that they resort to opportunistic looting.[/li][li] 1.5% of the protestors are professional looters.[/li][li] 0.45% of the protestors are Proud Boys, Black Bloc, hate-filled racists pretending to be Antifa, or other Trumplickers instigating riots as a “false flag” operation; they think that’s how to Make America Great Again.[/li][li] 0.05% are miscellaneous people who actually do fit the Kremlin-Infowars scenario that infatuates right-wing media. This group includes antifas turned criminal, and the nephew of George Soros’ sister’s hairdresser.[/ul][/li]@ OP — Stare at these numbers for a while. Might the antifa-turned-criminal group be as high as 0.10% instead of just 0.05%? Sure! But is this numbers game so important? Is it really the key to your reaction to the protests? Stare at the numbers again. (If you think my extremely crude estimates are way off, post your own.)

No. In this era of post-reality journalism, someone admitting to reading Washington Examiner or even Washington Times elicits barely a chuckle. @ Urbanredneck — Your contributions would be more appreciated if you quoted from Infowars.