Is anyone undecided?

I take this to be your admission of having incorrectly characterized Biden as coming for your assault weapons.

You must really love assault weapons.

It’s for protection. From Ze Germans.

Ain’t nothing incorrect about it. He’s going to try to bring back the ban, and take it even further by either making a mandatory buyback or registration. Don’t give me the line about oh he says that but it will never happen. I take the guy at face value. He says it, I believe he means what he says, and I’m not giving him a chance to follow through. Note that Trump is generally favorable towards 2nd Amendment rights–and I categorically refuse to consider voting for him, either.

What is your objection to registering your assault weapons?

First, and this is important, I don’t think I have admitted owning anything loosely identified as an assault weapon. Pretty sure my public position is that all of my weapons, including the antique muzzle loaders, were lost in a tragic boating accident back in November, 2008. If I did have such a weapon, or any other weapon, for that matter, I object to registration because that is the first step down the slippery slope to confiscation. And don’t tell me confiscation will never happen here. It happened in and around New Orleans after Katrina. The government has no need to know what, if any, weapons I may have. The government has no need to know whether I own any ammunition, and if so, how many rounds.

Fair enough. Let’s not hi-jack this thread any further. I was just curious about your very adamant position on assault weapons. Which you lost in the tragic paddle boat accident of 2008. I’m just glad you’re okay.

This bit stopped being “clever” years ago, and just makes me think that I can’t trust people to be honest in their arguments.

Don’t give a damn. I said what I said.

Phew, that was close! You really dodged a bullet there.

Unfortunately, you have to dodge 600 rounds per minute

36 years ago, I stepped into the voting booth (we still had those here back then) and stared at the options. The President was an utter piece of shit (the one who helped drive this country to this pass) and the contender was useless as an alternative. I thought for a moment, then marked the last line and wrote “NO”.

My statement was not a commentary on any of the candidates. I was objecting to the Office itself. We get to choose the most powerful person in the country (world, at the time), the best candidate being one you might, perhaps, agree with by about 60%. It is a bullshit situation, and I would not blame you for saying screw it.

You sure did…and what you said couldn’t have been more obvious if you had finished with “Nudge, nudge, wink wink”.

Again, don’t give a damn what you think about it. I’ll probably use the exact same bit many times into the future. Pretty sure I don’t need your permission.

You seem to be be little fuzzy on how this “free speech” stuff works. Just as you don’t need my permission to post whatever you want, I don’t need your permission to comment on what you say.

If it’s that important to you, Pit me.

I own an assault rifle (HK-91).
I’m voting for Biden, because I’d rather give up my toy then live with the disaster that would be another 4 years of Trump.

Unless you happen to lose it in a tragic surfing accident.

Yes, that’s a distinct possibility in Arizona…

Riiiight. I think I will respond to you in the same forum and thread you post the remarks I am responding to, unless what I am posting should only be posted in the Pit. Nice try, though.