Is Bill Gates the devil?

StrTrkr777 writes:

Actually, it went something like this:
Jobs: “Hey, neat. Can I have this?”
Xerox: “That useless crap? Sure take it.”

BTW, Jobs is low on my list of people earmarked for sainthood, just slightly higher than Gates.
As to the original question:

No. I have to believe that Satan would not be that incompetant. He would deliver products on time, they would work flawlessly, and people would never utter the phrase “Oh my God!” while using them.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if ultimately Bill has to address himself as “The Gates of Hell”…

Just kidding, I’m sure he’s really a nice guy.

Hmmm… now which part was I just kidding about? I forgot…

His inability & reluctance to make DOS & Windows Y2K compatible may be the largest factor in Y2K meltdown. Mac & Unix don’t have a Y2K problem, supposidly.


The same for any inquiries concerning an admirable moral code or redeeming qualities.

If you’re looking to avoid lining Gates’ pockets any more than necessary, but feel compelled to stay with Windows, try Corel’s WordPerfect Suite. It is just as good, if not better than MS’s Word, Excel, or Office.

Use Netscape over IE. AOL over MSN. Don’t make the jerk any richer.

Ted Turner is a fine man (esp compare to Gates). Just wanted to throw that in case anyone wants to accuse me of being plutoclastic. Watch CNN over MSNBC.


Except that Ted Turner, now that he’s busy running Time-Warner (grin) let a bunch of ignorant crackers take over his home stations, thus the Crusade fiasco.

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